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Ufos Are Real And Extra-/terrestrials or GODS Fly Them

UFOs are real and Extra/terrestrial's fly 99% of them anyone can call them and THEY ARE IN FACT THE GOD/GODS/GODDESS/DEITIES/CREATOR/ HIGHER POWER/GREAT SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT/HEAVENLY FATHER/LORD/ANGELS/ETC... OF ANCIENT HISTORY AND IT IS RELATED TO MOST RELIGIONS OR SPIRITUAL PRACTICES AND ANCIENT CULTURES and is one of many reasons for this not being disclosed due to a conflict of historical interest.

First do some minor research you don't need to go through the thousands of Historical examples or the million photos or videos, just check some History and apply common sense at this possibility.

1. Look at a 1710 painting by Aert De Gelder titled "The Baptism of Christ" that shows a UFO shining it's light down on to John the Baptist and Jesus which can happen if you call them.

2. Zarathushtra came into contact with Entities. His depictions are a man in a disc with wings or a man and disc with wings which really represents the man in the flying disc. This religion contains a similar prophecy as others.

3. Look at the Hopi Indian prophecy which shows three little people on a roof next to what appears to be crooked stairs coming from the sky. This represents the little "Gray Entities" everyone sees and the crooked stairs is the light they come down which sometimes goes through the roofs of homes (There are more clues but you can be the skeptic) There are also cave depictions. (The little "Gray Deities" also left a rock formation of their leader. In fact their true color is black or charcoal metallic black and they are cute in appearance, when people get visited they can appear any height, shape or color when in the trance state they keep you in until you are ready to communicate:).

4. The Dogon tribe claim being educated by Extra-/Terrestrial's.

5. The Lenape and Ono have a belief system of a supreme being similar to most religions but they were not exposed to visiting missionaries.

6. Hinduism, Buddism, Christianity, Catholicism, Zoroasterian, etc... all have Extra-/Terrestrial contact documented historically, it helps to have the original writings and look at it from a different perspective then how we currently percieve what we thought religion originated from, how and why it ended up the way it did in modern times.

7. There are a few hundred more example's like this, RESEARCH IT PLEASE. It's better if you spend the hundreds of hours searching then to be given all the answers again since we have had the ANSWERS the whole time. I had to wait a lifetime for this information so history could be understood by me and nobody should have to pay for information that should be FREE but they make you work and so will "I".

This is good for the good and bad for the bad. If you wanted to know what Salvation, the Awakening or Farsho Kerelti is and what the ancient people experienced then try to communicate. This is about understanding history, where all life originated from and the tranformation that will occur when you are ready.

I DO HAVE TO WARN THIS SHOULD BE ATTEMPTED BY PEOPLE OF TRULY GOOD NATURE. IF YOU HAVE BAD INTENTIONS THEN DO WHATEVER YOU DO BUT DON'T CALL UFOS, they might not come but if they do start forgiving for whatever you did bad in life or against life. I am very serious. These are the GODS/Deities/etc.... of ancient history and your respect, understanding and love must show for your experience to be good, beneficial and enlightening if that is what you seek. They are sick of humans killing each other and we can not act like cave people still if you wish to evolve spiritually.
When they come and do what they do is another question.
(When my friend is in a bad mood they will not show themselves too him, attitude is everything so put your lifes thoughts temporarely aside)

I will spare the long spiel.

1. Go outside after sunset. 2-3 hours after dark is the best time. You can go out in the day but at night the craft are easily seen if paying attention and if they are not invisable, they could be next to you 100 feet away and you wouldn't have a clue. I myself have had only 3 day sightings but they come if you talk to them they just seem to appear always at night.

2. Think, pray, worship whatever way, talk out loud, TALK in your HEAD, do whatever(NO SACRAFICING:)) and look up at the stars. Pay attention.
I just talk in my head and say "Thanks" and thoughts of that nature, good things seem to work better then negative issues, happy thoughts.

3. You may have to do this for an hour or two or they might come in a minute. You may have to go outside all week to see if they will come and show themselves. EVERYTHING IS A TEST(patience, attitude, respect, love) I get them to come fairly quick at times.

4. The craft fly really high somewhere around 50-80+K feets sometimes very low. If you signal the craft with a light the red, yellow or delta will fly down or signal back. If it flies down and you freak out it will just fly away, it's GOD or what were known as GODS (the real ones). This happened to me and a friend. Look for a white/yellow or red craft either flying really fast or slow and talk to it in your head, if GOD/etc... or Extra-/Terrestrials like you they will respond back in some way or another but show your LOVE. they do not like being studied since they are studying us or being looked at like they are the visitors, they were here before us and put all life on Earth just like what was recorded in ancient history.

The two or three craft that come to me (a forth has been identified) and visit are a white/yellow morphing and a big red craft, a dark craft that turns white only when flying off which is the delta/triangle that is black on the bootom and silver on the top half. I have seen others but these two or three are the ones that show up for me and a friend just like ancient history. I have identified a forth craft that has a white/blue flutter this craft has not flown low yet but has flown numerous times directly over me stopping then flying off very slow and most of the time all these craft have been seen together. These are not Satellites or related which fly about 125+ miles up travelling around 18,000mph which equates to approximately 15 seconds of viewing time, the average meteorite travels around 100,000mph-/+ and last for 1-2 seconds, the average commercial jet at 500mph+/-can been seen for 3 to 5 minutes depending on visibility, these Extra-/Terrestrial craft have verying speeds, altitudes, trajectories, unique signatures of light, size, shape, identifiable communication when asking questions as they fly-by and then knowing these incredibly intelligent super races of life has been enough to determine what is an intelligently flown craft. I have had only 3 day sightings .

I believe both the white and red craft were recorded in history and if you do some research you will see this claim true since given you the answer will be looked at as theory or something of that nature and this is no theory.

8-19 I have red, white, yellow, green, blue, black craft coming and an invisible blinking craft that turns white when taking off. It appears these craft can change to any color.

This is where I learned what we call religion/spiritualness which they were trying to teach us how higher intelligence operates (humans called it religion), higher and lower thinking. They called them GODS/etc... because of where they came from, their craft, attire, psychic powers, the healing and help experienced.

I am in contact with Giant like human beings his cute assistants which are known as "Greys" by humans but are actually black not grey and our super human ancestors also known as Nordics etc..... In ancient history they were called the Nephilim or Elohim, the Dark Christ in South America and The Great Spirit in Native American history, these are just a few examples.

History is History and should be accepted in every aspect.

It was written in a time for them to understand, it was written by people that did not fully understand what they saw. Some people misused it back then just like now for whatever motive they have and wrote things just like now that should not be written about UFOs or related. Do you think the ignorant understand anything currently about this subject. Most information on the internet is pretty bad to say the least and one word describes most "DECSACRATED" so it is better for you to see if they are real by trying to contact them and then judgemEnt can be made pertaining to the validity of this claim and if "UFOs are real and flown by Extra-/Terrestrials".


One last thing if you see a real UFO it was meant for you to see which is going to lead up to a bigger event IF THAT IS WHAT YOU SEEK. They are just seeing your reaction so communicate because they listen and this will BLOW YOU AWAY when you prove it to yourself.

I have been in contact with 5 different races and all that stuff on the Internet is "crap":):):) it is amusing to a point but some people have gone a little too far and this is a REALITY CHECK for all. I am still here and have only good things to say which coincides with most contactees.


If you don't think this is real there are others doing this now. I have another thread so if you get some craft coming then post a response here or at in the UFO forum under UFOs are real and anyone can call them.

This in no way changes religions or spiritual practices in there original form but should clear up any issues as to who these beings were in ancient history. I have never been into religions or spiritual practices partiallyl from up bringing and then from claims from excerpts of history that did not logically make sense from what was taught in U.S. schools and finally the hybrid religions that just made the originals look even more bizarre but the good news is the ancient people were in physical contact with super beings. The beings that visit me are of a Divine nature and they do qualify as GOD/GODS/DEITIES/ANGELS/WISE LORD/NEPHILIM/ELOHIM/SEREPHIM(Giants Human like Beings)/Men in identical suits of indescribable glory or many eyed ones/superhuman/etc... (many names these are just a few) since there are many historical documents and cultures that refer too them in the way they saw and experienced events from these super beings. What I am referring to "DIVINE" is how they were contacted in February and what they did in March of 2006. You can believe what you want but these are facts, this does not mean "I am some chosen one" as many go around saying since anyone can do this just like ancient history or change the religious beliefs since they keeped their faith's but these similar events were recorded in History in many cultures and they want us to learn all of History and understand that many unexplainable events or myths were in fact them intervening in one way or another.
1. In Feb. of 2006 I was experiencing extreme stress. I went out side for 3 nights in a row and prayed for the very first time in my life for "DIVINE GUIDANCE" why this still puzzles me but I talked to the sky just like ancient history and on the 3rd night the big Red UFO showed up and they showed themselves again, healed my spirit and past head injury, they then Awoke me. I was explained our ocean life was dying off and it will snow ball as more dies eventually killing off all ocean life since all life depends on each other for survival (food chain/eco-system). I did experience sexual contact with a beautiful human being(This is something very personal but this is what happens on UFOs) which was being directed by what could be called "Blonds". When people are contacted they go through a very thorough medical exam seeing what level of poisons, toxins and carcinogens exist in our bodies, humans have poisoned all life go to and you can see the test that have been done on adults and babies, humans have anywhere from 200 to 280 toxins, poisons, carcinogens in our bodies and we as humans are killing ourselves and other life by not truly caring, this link does not even explain all the other waste in the ocean (nuclear, medical, metals/etc.) . They truly are trying to save us, preserve and create new life. Anyways they asked me if it was OK (Most guys dream of being picked up by a beautiful women in a Ferarri, why not a UFO):):):):). as to the Bulbous baby head stories I think they are fake since they do not add up with other contact stories.
I was able to ask 2 direct questions to the leader after being asked if "I had any questions". My first was who were the little guys, his reply was a hand gesture that pointed next to him and directed my attention over to his right where the little guys that everyone sees was standing (They showed themselves in 2002 at my bed but that event never made sense) since he was communicating with me telepathically he was controlling where my eyes looked. I then asked if we were on the Red craft and he allowed me to look to his left and showed me something equal to a window which just showed blackness with the red glow of the craft illuminating the outside and inside, so I assumed we were flying around somewhere. They then returned me home. After that day I started going outside and talking to the sky and they always show up. They then came back on March 1st waking me up after returning me instructing me to go outside where they were at 4 AM, this was to let me know they came since you would have no idea they come unless they let you know.
2. On March 10th, 2006 me and my friend went hiking in a rare Bay Area snow storm. The topic was how nobody had responded back after sending around 200 emails to religious, world, scientific, medical and educational system leaders about how they were contacted and the message they told me to pass along but no one took it seriously. The entire hike I was talking to the sky in this snow storm which was a ton of fun, then around 7:30pm? the sky cleared in just one area exposing the Big Dipper, then the Star known as Mizar lit up producing a blue white light of extreme luminosity, 10 seconds later a second but not visiable (normally) Star appeared which I believe was Alcor? which lit up yellow/white. Both Stars stayed lit for 30 seconds with the first going back to it's original state then 10 seconds later the other Star dissappeared. I sent at least 30 emails out on March 11th, 2006 (I still have) to all observatories including Military but have heard nothing about this event. It blew me and my friend away and was a message to help understand how these celestial events in ancient history occured which was recorded in Peruvian mythology (extra-/terrestrial contacts) and Biblical history just to name a couple. They told me to inform all the observatories of this event and who made it happen but there seems to be a HUSH-HUSH at work, very sad. I believe anyone can make these craft/beings/events occur just like ancient history since we are all equal and nobody is special. It will take quite a bit of talking to the sky but once you make contact with them they will do all the things just like ancient history, nothing has changed and I am only pointing out whom you need to speak with, they do not charge money so do not fall into some money scam if someone is going to try and tell you what is what about UFOs and/or it's relationship with ancient history.

If most are wondering how they come and get you here are more facts and only can help you understand why they could be considered GODS/etc...
Most contacts occur during sleep. The red craft will drop down from around 50-80K feet in one second to your home, when this happens the craft turns into what looks like a fireball falling from the sky the craft will then create a cloud underneath it (ionization) stopping it which could be described as a pillar of fire, a beam of light will be projected into your home allowing the little Deities/angels/helpers to travel down the light through whatever material, the little guys will pick you up with their mind while the other is security and run you back up into the light which is the reason why people feel like they are floating and/or see a light. The craft in 1 second ascends back to it's previous altitude and this all happens in about 5 or 6 seconds so those of you that wish to photograph Extra-/Terrestrials/etc... GOOG LUCK:):):):):).

The image is from a trip to Mt. Diablo the photo sucks but is real. Take a photo if you can:):):). It was taken by my friend on 5-28-06 and this craft came back six times which two photos were taken. The arrow shows the direction of travel. The craft was about 150 yds away and about a 1,000ft up travelling fairly slow and it was huge yellow disc. When my friend took the photo the craft jumped into light/hyper speed and took off so a meteorite can be ruled out.

Best Wishes, have good thoughts, intentions, words, deeds, equality with all life, acceptance of all life, respect, foregiveness, understanding and love.
Charles N

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