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The Bible and the Serpent/Seraphim & Cherubim connection

Hello to those that have missed this post.

Tragically the most important information in history is being delayed due to a lawsuit against a telecommunications provider under 17200 Business & Professions code for false and deceptive advertising. I am just so sick of corporate thieves that a break from using any seemed like a good idea, check your bills and sue them if they rip you off. Even though you'll probably lose just waste their time anyway, expose corruption.

Let's get back to the blog.

I was last writing how the Bibles written hide some true events which would coincide with all other Serpent related history present on every continent, even the Christian artwork contradicts some scripture. I am not the first to discuss this subject which goes back hundreds of years and it seems whom ever questioned this subject could be persecuted by the "Religious Police" but thankfully to many brave humans that would not accept the Church's view kept history for everyone later to figure out.

The Serpent was in contact with Adam, Eve, Cain, Moses, Abraham and Jesus, etc.... If anyone is visited that practices any Abrahamic religion you are being visited by the Angels that taught your heroes the good things the religion tried to hand down and you are not under "Spiritual Attack". There are stories from Asia that arrogant priest and samurai were picked on due to their own problems and this may be happening to arrogant followers of Christianity or Catholicism, just look at some of their issues and whom they are blaming it on. I suppose you could become an "Adversary" of the GODs.

Thank the Church for controlling your minds or history.

I am sure everyone has wondered why there are so many Moses depictions with horns or Serpent references in the religion. He was in contact with the horned Gods obviously like the others. Thousands of years later these same Gods are visiting there children today, yet still the oldest written history goes back 500,000 years to the Horned Gods and humans still haven't figured it out or accepted the historical fact.

We have older history on earth but it's just another part of history not discussed or researched like it should.

The Shepherd to Anu means The Shepherd to Heaven. It is my job to show everyone again whom the Gods are and how to get to Heaven since you go when you are alive like ancient history, our friends or family have been around way longer then us and your eternal life is what they have. I was told by your Gods or my family:) that Jesus and the other Patriarchs did quite a bit of writing which we do not have that would coincide with other world history, it's what was destroyed.

Has anyone wondered why Satan's name appears 18 times in the Hebrew Bible, 37 in the Greek Bible, 39+ in the Latin version with a new name or interpretation in two scriptures that have no negative meaning (Lucifer) with Jesus but much slamming from elsewhere, 49 in the KJV and just keeps going, he also appears under other names. The things poor Satan is being blamed for are not truly Hebrew or Christian(Jesus) problems past or present? but Catholic, since too this day they are blaming him for the same things that were problems in past history coincidentally and the Romans did kill many Christian and Jewish folks not to forget all the other countries that faced conversion by brutality. I am speaking about the true original followers of Christ and not all the false apostles that exist today. The name Lucifer in today's cultural perception is the "Prince of Evil" but nowhere do we hear the "Light Bearer", Phosphorus or Helel is this so called bad guy when we dig deeper into rumors or history written. The Lucifer rumor is equal to that whole Sodom and Gomorrah thing having a direct "Homosexual Connection" when Sodom means "burnt" and Gomorrah means "buried" in Hebrew, see the lies of how some acts are broadly interpreted.

The first image above is titled "The Evils of the World" by Fred T. Hall, 1883. Fred Hills image depicts all the GODs/etc.... as being one or the Serpent including GOD which gives us the first clue Fred is not religious being he titled the artwork "The Evils of the World". Why would Fred have GOD as one of the evils or the Serpent? It's obvious in 1883 most knew who they were speaking to in a good or bad way by experience or hand me down stories associated with the Serpent in the sky but for some reason we the current humans have forgotten. Fred understands these Gods are one and the same or on the same team but instead of seeing good he sees evil, why is that? Fred must be thinking that all the problems within religions historically have been chaotic to some extent from feuding and he knows what is flying in the air and sees the source as the Serpent or God/etc... for example the craziness of the witch trials of Europe and America that claimed some 9 million plus lives could have been one of many reasons why he would feel this way but was the problem the Serpent or humans misunderstanding since the people known as GODs in ancient history only teach good things just like now.

I cannot blame the original followers of the Abrahamic religions that were forced to change their beliefs under violent oppression. Judaism is a polytheistic religion that turned monotheistic under the Romans. The Hebrew Bible has non Hebrew authors due to denigrating remarks towards Hebrews. The New Testament turns the "Son of GOD" Satan into the arch nemesis of his father or GOD and then makes Jesus the "Son of God" taking Satan's place which makes no logical sense. It even makes Saint Michael whom is the Serpent against himself in all the Church's paintings, no GOD but a human Angel in black most of the time attacking a dragon or himself.

There are more images of Moses with horns and also with lights coming from his eyes like Freds image coincidentally. I hope this gets many to question some scripture or history since some scripture for example is very accurate that can be verified by me but other history does not match or fit the puzzle. One big piece of the puzzle missing is a painting or woodcut of the modern day Christian God, for some reason we have images of many GODs in every culture except modern day Christianity. If we research Ezekiel which describes anthropomorphic angels with a person described as GOD that coincidentally matches the GOD's of other cultures and the two Deities or Angels being described in this blog which you can see are the same people or if you research the Qumran the Angels were named Ha rut and Ma rut. The third to last image is Azazel from a modern interpretation of Azazel, from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal (Paris,1825) coincidentally similar to the last Moses image(Collin was a Christian Theologian that converted to Catholicism after writing his book). There are a few more images that corresponds to the fact Moses was in contact with Yahweh or the Devil and they are the same entities. The second to last image is supposedly related to Stanislas de Guaita with a magician invoking spirits which happens to be the same GODs/etc.. on all the other continents. It appears the magician is having a bad experience given the situation and should serve as a reminder that bad intentions may have bad consequences. The goat with trident and feather, serpent, jackal/dog, bird/owl appear presenting the magician with an image of himself or his inner-self with another image in the upper left corner of a dark starred crescent object which represents or means the crescent shaped craft that comes at night which looks like a star that descends has these entities on board. the last image is a magician in his oratory. If you zoom in on the writing which is in a few languages including English and Hebrew spelling "Oratory", we can see the words "Tetragramate", Agla, Eloy, Saday, Adonai or Hebrew names of GOD and some reference to Hebrews origins. This is the part taken out which was the summoning of the GODs or "Raizing the Devil".

Why do we have so many images of the Serpent or Devil but none of the Christian GOD??? (Christians step up to the plate). Why can't the "Fall from Grace" be documented as actually happening in chronological order of events that would coincide with other world or Biblical history?

If Satan flies on a UFO and wears a space suit then the Christian GOD must fly on his own UFO and wear his own space suit or he doesn't exist because it doesn't coincide with facts, it's why this subject is not discussed by our Governments because the religious that fuel the "Thoughtless" can not logically explain history or their "Bible" to their followers. How do you get to Heaven being a murderer (10,000,000 witches??) or child molester?

The best part of this story isn't having to tell the religious that they made a mistake but the fact that GOD or Saint Michael is not only the Devil but Santa Claus. I made a cryptic sarcastic comment on my previous entry about Santa Claus but is it coincidental again that an "Elf and Goat" reappear as a fat guy and reign deer on the same day we celebrate Jesus day and that they just happened to be in contact with Jesus also. We could amend the Bible to say Santa Claus is GOD and that is whom destroyed humanity previously, it would really screw up history by telling the truth.

The first story in a complete civilization of Heaven, Creation, Gods, Angels, Deluge, Shepherd(Mul Apin), Cross(divinity) and Tree of life are recorded in ancient Mesopotamia between 4,000 to 6,000 years ago with other stories dating back 500,000 years.

If we start to examine events around 2,000 years ago(give or take 500+ years) around Mesopotamia and surrounding regions to determine what were just a few important changes out of many that made today. We have the death of Jesus, death of the Arcadian and Greek Goat GOD Pan, the Roman wars against the Hebrews and early followers of Christ whom fought Catholics later, numerous conflicts in the Babylonian region where a pantheon of GODs ruled for about 3,500 years under numerous names (Anshar, Anu, Enlil, Enki/Ea) worshiped in different areas under other names at times documented to the 35th century B.C. but disappear around the 5th century B.C. or 500 after the death of Ashurbanipal 627 B.C. whom still recognized the original Sumerian GODs finally disappearing around 539 with Cyrus whom still recognized Marduk connected to the greater GODs but then Darius Hystaspis introduced Zoroastrianism into Babylon thus is when and where the "Good God-Bad God" story enters the region. The Persians took the region over around 500 B.C. to 300 when Alexander the Great and the Greeks takeover then the Romans in the region and this is when the entire Mesopotamia pantheon re-emerge under new pen names of Satan or the Christian Devil with a story of a "Fallen Angel" in the same exact region and city where the belief previously never existed since they were GODs which somewhere during the exiles of the Hebrews and the death of Jesus we have the time when these GODs changed to "Fallen Angels".

The new religion takes the basic stories and symbols of Mesopotamia and rearranges events, characters and GODs while also conveniently degrades every cultural belief in existence as well of their normal evolutionary experiences of life while trashing what history the new religion could for the next 2,000+ years teaching every other God or religion is false, that killing or any inhumane act is O.K. to commit if one is informed by this "New GOD" to do such act while teaching simultaneously you should not kill/etc.. and if you go to confession all your "sins" will be washed away simultaneously teaching all the acts were caused by the Devil thus alleviating any responsibility or accountability towards any horrible act which is the opposite of what the real religion or Christ their Savior taught whom warned of a false religion, not every has this exact view but is common. What Hebrew history is telling us is that "Angelology" came from the Babylonians but Angelology does not have much of a history in this region given it had GODs for quite some time. Most likely the Great Gods and Minor Gods were turned into GOD and his Angels given this is the closest you'll get in comparison then throw in the good and evil spiel add a little of this and that "voile'", matter of fact too close. If Angels were Minor Gods before then Monotheism isn't possible or is that Monotheistic Big Bang Theory.

We have the OT GOD Jehovah, the NT GOD, Lord GOD Jesus Christ, Satan all as absolute, the Trinity or Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the Angels, Arcangels and/or 72 names of GOD within Judaic doctrines, so how is this Monotheistic. The Bible has 4 GODs (Jehovah, Satan and Jesus and some other person named GOD), 3 Sons of GOD (Satan, Jesus and Simon Magnus) and according to my Christian friends "GOD wrote the Bible" and not some illiterate fisherman or partially literate peasants.

The never ending story of Christianity.

Judaism and the past Mesopotamian religions both were Polytheistic with anthropomorphic beings. The claimed date of knowledge handed down within Cabala coincides with ancient knowledge handed down from antiquity from Mesopotamia. Judaism does not specifically say if it was from the Hebrew culture or from another culture that passed this information down but it was preserved to some extent in Judaism. The claimed other dates that are reiterated within Judaism in trying to keep in line with the languages date of origin do not coincide in the religious context of when the knowledge was exactly handed down. In other words the older date is good but was in fact passed down from another culture, due to persecution the religion had to coincide with a new empirical cultural belief. thus changing the religions future, the dates of 5,800 and 6,000 roughly do coincide in dates and context, not 2,300 to 2,900 which coincides with Hebrew and Paleo Hebrew give or take a few hundred years.

The New Church or Romans/Catholics/Christians fought with the Jesus, the Hebrews or Synagogue over whom was going to control the Hebrew religion. The Bible contains degrading remarks towards Hebrews and Jesus even stooping to a low of accusing both of working with the "DEVIL" which reflects the "New Religious Non Hebrew and Christian Belief". Those that did not conform were brutally tortured to confess with "Cavorting with the Devil" that resulted in death and this same brutality was experienced by every culture on every continent.

The New Religion took ancient knowledge "Plagiarizing" history to their liking to control peoples opinions because they had "BAD INTENTIONS" similar to some now. It's sad to see how many innocent people have been lied too, it would be nice to say "They just didn't understand stand" which is partially true but the "Elaborate Methodical Thought" behind the "New Religion" influenced by an oppressive empire is evident today 2,000+ years later, it's only been 156 years since the last known witch trial so who says this mentality doesn't still exist today.

Has anyone theorized about "Christ the Redeemer" as in having to redeem the GODs in the eyes of their followers or maybe "Christ the Savior" has to do with saving humans due to "Dynamic human inept anti social behavior" or in Laymen's terms "They dug their own grave with stupidity as their light". The "New Religion" ingeniously pits GOD against himself by demoting him to an Angel that pits himself against Christ and GOD then turns "The Shepherd" into "The Anti-Christ" when the Shepherd in known and speaks, that's amazing, it is obvious some had knowledge of future events which is why magic/divination/astrology were removed from the practice of the religion.

If we remove all negative Christian belief/imagery we discover all the Biblical characters are in contact with "Divinities". It defames all other cultures GODs as being "FALSE" then to slander the real relgions history is downright appalling and despicable given the number of humans that have suffered or been killed at the hands of "looney toon derelict delusional religious dunces". Imagine dying at the hands of claimed do-gooders not to forget it's the only religion declaring "Everyone else has false GODs" which has been historically documented on every continent during "Conversions of Faith".

The new religion covers up humans true history and the death of Jesus Christ, it does not mean some good information has not been passed down it just has been tinkered with to coincide with the new religious belief while keeping some ancient Roman traditions such as taxes, sexually perverse society, oppression thru suppression, murder, religion, etc... "What you know or don't know may or may not hurt you". The new religion has very little to do with Jesus or any Hebrew religion or any other perception of GOD/s etc,,, making Christianity the false religion Christ warned about rising up to defraud all the followers of speaking with those people known as "The GODs".

Another example that history has been stolen by the people responsible for killing Hebrews, Jesus with his followers and many other innocent humans is the fact the new religion secretly has everyone worshiping the person the religion calls the "Devil". If you celebrate Christmas you are "Cavorting with the Devil", if you go to a Hospital you are cavorting with the "Christian Devil" and one of his "minions" whom wears the "Cadeuses" and especially if the Hospital has the words Catholic, Christian, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.. integrated into the name thus one would be visiting a "Temple of the Devil" which once again contradicts the actions or motives of these people.

This "New Religion" needs to be completly overhauled or banned and made illegal to pratice that is propagated through certain Churchs , media, etc...

An "Apocalyptic scenario" has always been a central theme around the past and present neo-religiopolitical landscape or "Poison Bush/Oak" that has grown into place infecting all whom touch the "OILY BUSH" which inflames the outer layer of our planets skin coarsing it's way through the "Arterial Universe" causing much irritation everywhere the oil has spread :) and it would be a shame if these same people were trying to invoke that "Apocalyptic scenario" by playing in "The Christians Devil's Playground" to attack humanity by destroying his work or our history since this perception is rampent among Christians that are waiting for GOD to battle it out with his "Fallen Son" and then mainly Christians(cultural perception) will be transported to some "Heavenly Abode" while the rest will suffer some eternal punishment in Hell which according to 18/19th century Christian/Catholic it is a place where you get "EDUCATED" but for some reason Hell varies with some religious able to describe it as an icy or fiery place that tortures your soul.

Which is it Church the religion is serving "poo poo cake" with delicious filling inside at times which contradicts the traditional delicious cake with "poo poo filling" that is served weekly and remember religious folks "Your paying for it".

"It's amazing 3-4 billion people on the "GOD TRAIN" or "Soul Train" depending on what cultural era you were raised in waiting for it to depart in some manner, just hope your on the "Right Train" because Christianity looks a little damaged from all the abuse, you sure don't want that thing breaking down half way, it's a long walk back from Heaven". Choo Chooo

"Humans are like tires: If you go to fast you'll wear out early, go too slow you'll not see as much, go off road you might get a flat which will take time to fix but may be adventurous, have a slow leak or put the wrong pressure in and you'll pull to the "Left or Right" leading to a rough ride but travel in the right direction with the correct pressure(attitude) and you'll see more then going in the wrong direction, do it before your brittly old and just pray your "Re-treaded" in that big tire factory in the sky."

Religion can be like eating at a fast food restaurant: You order a number 1 because the image of the meal looks good but you don't get exactly what they show or they serve you a number 3 saying it's a number 1, sometimes overcharging for services, then you have to worry if the meal is healthy/safe to eat or will it give you food poisoning forcing you to pray to "The Porcelain GOD"."

"Our history is suppressed of our ancient past knowledge being if you lack "WISDOM" you are in essence "Gullible" and "Ignorant" easily malleable conforming to the slightest thoughts or opinions for good or bad."

Please question religion and get the word out about this subject. Is it 6007 or 5,807 or something or is it really 2007, is Enlil and Enki/Ea still Sky Gods or is it the Madonna and the baby Jesus that are Sky Gods or was that Isis and Horas?(Thanks Church).

Question history because if we don't cherish it the GODs will destroy the "LIE" humans will start over again and many will be sacrificed. All those doom stories from other contactees are very real but these events could be averted by respecting the people called "GODS" in ancient history. The Government idiots, private elite and Vatican(unload that vault) need to just go enjoy all their money and let all those other hard working people fix everything, get out of the way and let history be told, accept your humiliation.

The Mul Apin is running out of time and humans need to show their true colors for when the GODs return to the surface of our planet to speak with humanity otherwise you will all get to meet me and your GODs in the end to sort out the crap you all bad people helped to create, it's sorta like destiny or something with the "DIVINE":).

I want to discuss or get back to what may happen if you go outside and start talking to the sky, most likely nothing unless they are treating you to a show. If they treat you to a show you may see a red, yellow or white craft decsend rapidly making what appears to be either a pillar of fire from the red craft or lightning if it's the white or yellow craft. When you see it you'll know this blog is real so just enjoy whatever you see. My friend that has maybe seen these craft a hundred or more times both high, low, slow and fast has no memory of any visit "YET", so enjoy any aerial demonstrations if they come. Be consistent with just talking to them on a regular schedule and when they are around they'll say hello, their way. You may get to see something no one else will see or just a simple fly-by.

I briefly discussed in my first blog what triggered this event to occur which was stress related. I prayed for "Divine Guidance" for three nights under the stars and the same UFO that was previously seen came back, why pray???????? under the stars??????. The stress that made this event possible was a job injury as a carpenter in 2000 after a 7 year battle with Workman's Compensation whom committed numerous "Felonies" by altering medical documents that hid or down graded my spinal injury and a second disability caused by injectible medications. To make matters worse WCAB Judges, the Sate Attorneys Office and Governor are blocking all workmen compensation investigations and trials due to more then 1 billion dollars stolen from California citizens by the defrauding of benefits. I lost my little home on my hill in the "Great Real Estate Scandal" which truly is absurd to discover what really goes on in that business. living was economical until the greedy bloomed, bad timing for everything but found GOD or my family.

When they picked me up they transported me onto a domed table that floated around from another area. I mentioned before that the craft was illuminated from the glowing of the outer shell. All the metal was dark grey, there were no flashing lights inside and the craft was the cleanest smelling place that a human could experience. I had mentioned before two questions were asked by me the first being whom are the little guys which Enlil responded by lowering his right hand to his side to show the small "Grey" deity everyone sees. I then asked if we were on the red UFO which Enlil gestured with his left hand higher up to a window. When Enlil made these gestures he was making the sign of wisdom the Goddess Sophia is seen in her depictions. This detail was not mentioned previously beyond that there was no pact with the Devil as a jealous religious zealot would let one believe.

There are humans from previous life cycles from Earth on those craft that figured it out and that our world is not quite what it seems so put your smily face on:).

I will add to this blog from time to time.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

CONTACT with the GODs

This post will cover what may happen when contact has been established.

I am sorry for not for not being able to post as fast as you can read but the previous two post have updated information. I am really picky about what to add and mass misinterpreted information doesn't work, it's easy to say all the GODs in every culture were the UFOs but in fact we have many writers that wrote thinking others were just making the information up to sway or woo a crowd and we have others that did experience something but they themselves were confused which makes understanding anything difficult. Another example is Shamanism and the use of plants, mushrooms, peyote, etc... to invoke images that may not be related to this subject but the fact they most likely confused their drug use with UFO contacts since we have the same GODs recorded in every culture where drug use was not common practice.

I will be writing about contact this month and what may happen, some new photos have been added. I am sorry for not having video footage it does help to have a good camera. The photos are not the best quality which might have something to do with trying to use a 35mm digital camera again which is really only good for close ups but the photos have some interesting anomalies taken the evening of December 16th around 6:30pm.

I will cover the photos from Saturday evening on the 16th. I asked to take these photos they did four fly overs which allowed eight photos in which three had the craft visible. I think it is highly impossible to photograph satellites or a space station using a 35mm digital camera and they are not stars or planes the other five photos had nothing and what is meant by you can't take a photo of a satellite or space station is that both objects travel around 18,000 mph and it's so fast that you would have a streak in the photo. I saw in 86' when the space shuttle flew over before sunset and it was a very brief show or about 1/4 to 1/5 of the speed a meteorite would travel which would be impossible to take a photo without a streak if you managed to capture it.

1. Photo 1 has been zoomed, re-cropped and the contrast is increased by 50%, auto focus was on. The crafts original color when flying was a dark red/yellow. The original photo shows a black sky but after increasing the contrast the craft becomes apparent with what looks like two other craft flying behind what was seen and that is the higher brighter object in the photo. The craft flew very slow while the photo was taken with no tripod and a 3 second exposure which was compared to other photos of planes and stars with and without a tripod and no comparisons could be made to planes or stars or were there any stars apparent in the photo. The other objects were not visible at any time.

2. Photo 2 is another zoomed, cropped and enlarged version of the first. What makes these lights unique is when the contrast, hue and saturation are adjusted which does not resemble planes or stars under the same effects.

3. Photo 3 is the same craft flying from another direction but with a longer exposure causing a streak, it lit up white for the photos before turning invisible or cloaking itself. As you can see no tripod was used by the slight movement of the crafts position.

4. Photo 4 had the contrast increased by 25% and is the same fly over as photo 3 but with a two second exposure while the craft was directly above me before it turned invisible.

These are real photos of the God/Angel/Demon or what ever you want to call them but they speak with me every morning and night which is the reason why certain religions had morning and evening prayer.

My last post made Demonology obsolete or outdated for those that implement it in their daily lives. I did identify the Christian Satan #1 the Serpent and Satan #2 Beelzebub or Lucifer both Princes of the Air in previous post whom are separate entities and very real beings.

I couldn't imagine the Catholics/Christians trying to summon their GOD/Angel only to exorcise him when he showed up is truly hilarious beyond belief. I have no idea why the Bible was canonized in the way it was but someone didn't understand something which is a theme across continents so don't think Christians or Catholics are getting picked on since the other major religions have made similar mistakes but how the Serpent went from being worshipped to the negative connotations used today is perplexing to say the least.

If the ancient priest prayed over ill people and then what they interpreted as a demon
appeared not realizing that is who they summoned for help but instead thought the
manisfestation was the reason for the persons ills they may have accidently negatively
demonized a GOD/Angel/Demon and if this is the case then how could anyone benefit if they
portrayed their experience in a negative manner before anything happened which could possibly affect a real visit, we must also take into consideration that the source of their
Demonology is partially from Zarathushtra whom himself was slightly confused by demonizing
another cultures fertility GOD which isn't even the oldest derived source of information for
the word demons.

If you read the article written "A few words about the devil" from the 1800's by Charles Bradlaugh (or Ingersoll) which is quite insightful about this Christian Devil it appears that "Europeanamericans" use to say the "Devil was black" and "Africanamericans" use to say the Devil was "white" according to Bradlaugh but most paintings depict three main entities a human, dragon-serpent or human with pointed ears large nose and little horns. It could have been the case that Satan, or GODs Angel visited people just like now but was negatively demonized due to religious ignorance then "Africanamericans" took the "Devils Black" reference as a racial insult by "Europeanamericans" known as white people or maybe the Africanamericans saw the Serpent in the white suit so they thought the Christian Devil was "white" which is just one point but Mr. Bradlaugh did have some interesting questions pertaining to the Christian Devil.

KJV Book of Job
6Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.
7And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
8And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

It's apparent to Biblical writers were addressing two entities in this event where "The Lord" ask Satan where he has been and then they speak of Jobs perfection that is Anti-Evil in nature so how is Satan bad and why would the Lord say does he feareth "GOD" or himself?, is their another character here and why is GOD hanging out with Satan if he wasn't an Angel. It appears whomever came into contact with these GODs/etc.. that their experience or GOD had precedence over others creating a ranking system which could account for the numerous writers that have conflicting stories with what could even be considered bigotry in some cases.

It appears some didn't know whom they were worshipping while others knew exactly whom they were summoning.

How does Job experience any of the events in The Book of Job in the presence of the Lord whom always is speaking about GOD. He even commits blasphemy or speaks down of GOD slightly.
9Even that it would please God to destroy me; that he would let loose his hand, and cut me off!
Why would GOD want to destroy Job whom is perfect?

In Mathew Jesus was being visited by Satan
6And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
7Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
8Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
9And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
10Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
11Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.
12Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, he departed into Galilee;

How does Satan have the power by GOD to do what he does? Why is he so concerned with Jesus? He says to Jesus that if he worships him that he can have all the kingdoms of the world which he declines which the devil then leaves only to be replaced with angels only to hear John is in prison so he departs for Galilee, this claimed evil entity doesn't harm Jesus for some reason. We evidently have missing pages because this important event just abruptly ends there is other historical artifacts that show the Serpent was crucified meaning Jesus was in contact with the Serpent that the Ophites were in contact with and the Serpent also has little horns too which would also be considered a devil and then once again the Serpent is accused of being Satan in Revelations whom he doesn't resemble according to Biblical text.

Satans name appears 49 times in the KJV. We have the Serpent or Satan #1? whom is accused of tricking Eve, we have Satan accused of having Ananias lie to the Holy Ghost, Jobs boils are claimed to be from Satan but then many people get boils, Satans accused of being an Angel in Corinthians which according to Hebrew text Satan/etc.. is an Angel or accuser/prosecutor for GOD, in Thessalonian 2:17-19 Jesus is promoted to "Lord" Paul blames Satan for hindering him and it's obvious at this point the writers are confused, Timothy blames Satan for blasphemy which is irresponsible conduct on his part, in Revelations 2:9-3:9 a Jewish synagogue is accused of not being Jewish and being with Satan, in Revelations 12:2-7-9 accuses the Devil of being the Serpent whom is said to have been punished but we know that Satan is hanging out with the Lord whom speaks of GOD, it seems Satan is never really doing anything bad and even conversing with the Lord but then why did GOD destroy all of humanity if he foregave everyone which is worse then anything Satan was claimed to have done, if we add in the fact that Satan and Satanail are the same Angels according to Hebrew text due to their name and relationship with GOD then whom is correct.

What about the Serpent that is accused of being the Devil in Revelations. The word Serpent appears 25 times in the KJV.
In Genesis the Lord and GOD are used together in the same context. In Genesis 3:4 Eve ask the serpent if "We may eat the fruit" with the Serpent replying in 3:4 that "Ye shall not surely die" then in 3:13 Eve blames eating the fruit on the Serpent which the Serpent never said if she could eat the fruit and in 3:14 GOD punishes the Serpent but we know the Serpent is one of the GODs so this scripture may not be credible. In Exodus 4:3 Moses is given a staff by GOD that turns into a Serpent which at first he runs from in fright, then in Numbers 21:6-7 the Lord sends Serpents to bite the ones that have spoken against the Lord, in Job 26:12-14 the Serpents power is discussed, in Isaiah they want to slay the Serpent, in Jerimiah they speak of the Lord sending serpents again, Amos 9:3 speaks of commanding the Serpent to attack, Micah speaks how the Lord is our God which contradicts Thessalonian which says Jesus is the Lord,

We also have a similar situation that Zarathushtra encountered whom had similar singular feelings but this isn't about serving a master.
Mathew 6 ontradicts Mathew 5:44
24No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
Aren't we supposed to love all?

The problem with the Bible is that it has been Canonized had hacked to pieces. We know historically a link with the Serpent and Christianity before the Canonization.

In one culture they were GODs, in another angels or demons, then in others they were just Elves, Serpents, Cats or Birds but for some reason someone did or didn't benefit from there presence, those that didn't benefit had a negative opinion.

The people with the negative comments have a different belief in GOD and the Satan they perceive. They have put a clause in the 10 commandments which has also been redefined to justify their actions and do not see that it becomes ANTI-CHRISTIAN behavior to not do what you say or practice what you preach.
21Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:
43Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
This obviously didn't apply during the witch hunts due to Biblical double standard circular logic.

When you take an Angel of GOD or one of the Sons of GOD and insert a negative connotation
completely out of context is bias, prejudicial, bigoted, irresponsibly ignorant and accusatory
blaming the GODs/Angels which is also "BLASPHEMY" since you are insulting your GODs/etc... and is apparent from OT to NT holding no factual bases other then a misunderstood unknown written personal conjecture contradicting other writers and overwhelming historical facts of other cultures. The Bible turned the Serpent into Satan the bad Angel and no other culture or person can be blamed such as the ancient Greeks, Zoroaster, Gnostics, Babylonians, etc... .

Here are a few other things that GOD/Angels/Demons/etc.. were blamed for by their followers and a couple being reiterated for those with short attention spans.
1. Eve blaming the Serpent GOD/Angel for her greedy stupid act of eating the fruit she knew
was not to be eaten. The Serpent did not say to eat the fruit.
2. Moses blaming GOD for him killing half his followers.
3. Moses blames two Angels that threatened to devour him for not circumcising his child.
4. David blames Satan for him destroying Israel.
5. Jesus blames Satan #1 (assuming) for offering him all his kingdoms if he is worshiped which
he declines which does not coincide with the fact Jesus was in contact with the Serpent and
Beelzubub. Jesus is blamed for using Beelzubub or Satan #2 to cast out demons in Pharisees.
6. Testament of Soloman blames Beelzebub whom is Baal and Satan #2 for destruction via
tyrants, causes demons to be worshiped, arouses desire in holy men and select priests,
brings jealousies and murders, instigates wars, it then continues saying the "Hebrew GOD" whom was also "Baal" is against him which makes no sense, he is acknowledging Beelzubub God to the Ekron, Semites, Philistines and Lord of the Canaanites as a "GOD to the Hebrews" but when researching this GOD many on the Internet claim they are different which obviously not, so there is Biblical evidence these GODs are one and the same whom are the Elohim.
How easy to blame the GODs for all of humans problems while they worship the same GODs they are demoralizing.
7. Gospel of Nicodemus does not coincide with Judaic Angelology.
8. In Apocalypse the battle between Angels does not coincide with Judaic Angelology.

To much UnGodlyness which tells me these people either didn't understand their experience, they added in to look like they knew what they were doing, made it up and lied or the events were altered from the original which is the case with Jesus since it does not match other history. I can verify some OT and NT scripture and art work but there is much left out in important events and we have regular or unimportant events recorded in great detail with many different writing styles. If fraudualant material was added during any time period from OT to NT to the Official Bible it would be very hard to correctly date unless it was recent, if the material was made around the same time as some events then it could date from any given time period around those events, this was all done before our time many moons ago.

The Catholic Encyclopedia does not use Judaic Angeology but uses OT/NT scripture to
interpret Angels/Demons that denigrates the GODs/Angels to suit themselves at the same time referring to other Theologians as evil whom questioned the issue saying that "Lucifer was
one of the angels who ruled and administered the heavenly bodies and that this planet was
committed to his care"
which coincides with Judaic Angelology. They then go on babbling
incoherently that "With the growing wickedness of the world and the spreading of paganism
and false religions and magic rites, the rule of Satan was extended and strengthened till
his power was broken by the victory of Christ"
which isn't possible since Christ was in
contact with Satan the Serpent and Beelzulbub both Angels of GOD which is the missing part
of the Bible, "There is no reason, indeed, for thinking that all sins and all temptations
must needs come directly from the Devil or one of his ministers of evil"
more baseless
illogical insanity. The article is mainly personal opinion not based off of the Judaic
religious principles or related that founded the religion so their argument holds no
validity, they created their own Angelology/Demonology adding the good vs. evil perspective
maybe from Zarathushtra when in fact GOD has Angels of reward and destruction which my
experience coincides with the ancient writers that had the same beliefs.
The Jewish encyclopedias version of Judaic Christianities Satan explains when this belief changed verses the Catholic encyclopedia which never makes it's point blaming and accusing.
Christianities Pat Robertson regarding his God while demonizing all other cultures GODs.

My advice is those that love their Judaic Christian/Catholic religion please study the
original part of where the knowledge was derived and/or Cabala, Kabbala and Qabalah which goes into much detail, hearing some person dictate a bigoted personal novel from several verses
never making their point from an ancient historical aspect is utter nonsense and maybe
change from the radical side would be good for those trying to tend the flock but are being humiliated by their own.

People get to wrapped up in latter religious beliefs of "Hearsay" verses researching
historical information within the religions base to see why ancient writers would or would
not make such aweful comments that lack courtesy or respect.

Somewhere around the 1st to 4th century all the Anti-Christ rhetoric started most
likely to challenge or blasphemy anyone that questions the Church logic.
This behavior just goes on and on in the Bible from start to end. Trust me folks the
GODs/Angels/Demons/etc... behavior sounds very UNGODLIKE. It seems many suffered from lower thinking skills then the nature of this subject just compounded the matter even more for
better or worse.

The Holy Bible or Official Bible(sorry too many Bibles:) was censored by the "Roman Catholic Church" at one point the Romans that controlled that region whom could have influenced the "Hebrew Bible" and not the Hebrews whom don't use the OT/NT information in the same context that is pushed into their culture from a western perspective which doesn't change the fact the history partially came from somewhere else previously with other personal events added that some people either made up, borrowed or truly experienced. Most western religions use the "Holy Bible" and "Hebrew Bible" in the same context instead of looking at "The Holy Bible" as "The Roman Catholic Bible" due to a different Hebrew translation within the OT/NT that many interpret as the same. The Romans also crucified Jesus and it is the Roman Catholic Church that is not telling the entire story about the latter events of their Bible with even smaller details of one religious savior's life such as Jesus whom was a heroic fighter, we do not have the full story.

If one researches Cabala, Kabbala, Qabalah or earlier Christian related history we find some similar history and cast of characters with conflicting titles or contradicting views with the newer Christian/Catholic point of view of the part of the Bible that is used which is the Old Testament from the conflicting misinterpreted New Testament scripture which was introduced later. Material was introduced during OT to NT to the "Official Bible" thus we have three main time periods in question with everything between but one main thing in common is "BLAME" which is extremely apparent in NT. In the OT GOD and Angels are blamed while the NT directly blames Satan with a blames going to GOD or insinuations, the common theme is everyone is blaming GOD or his Angels for their problems, do you see the problem.

As mentioned in earlier post the Bible is partially another cultures history with individual
events added later from other cultures if we look at some of the important symbolism like
the "Cross" and "Tree of Life" we see it goes back to ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian
area known as Sumer both predate the Hebrew language which shows us that these symbols with other information came from these regions first. Judaic Angelology came from the
Babylonians(Satan), Gnostics, Zarathushtra mainly with other influences from the Greeks, Romans and other cultures with winged deitites that were not called Angels. Hebrew was not the language of where Abraham the first patriarch was born or raised nor is ancient Babylon in Israel or was Noahs flood story the first in that region such as Utnapishtim, Ziusudra and Atrahasis or do we have evidence that the Patriarchs lived as long as they did because if my life span was a few hundred years let alone almost a thousand years one would surely culminate enough material into a small library of knowledge similar to many cultures in that region that preserved a vast treasure trove of records engraved into stone which was the method of recording before paper, we lack some evidence in certain situations that can validate a paticular script so how did the story start in the area known as Israel, quite simple Abraham moved from
Mesopotamia(Iraq) to Canaan(Israel) after marrying his half sister Sarai and for some reason
practicing incest or inbreeding is not an abomination or harming any "Children of God" by Catholic Church standards or very devout religious states withing the U.S. which does not represent the "good Catholics/Christians", does anyone see the hypocrisy and Islam is not being condoned for Mohammad marrying a 9 year old, they all had their faults because they were ignorant.

It is apparent before and after the canonization we have numerous paintings with some of the
most interesting appearing after they canonized the Bible that do not coincide with some
scripture or the interpretation of the scripture and it is very apparent that some churches
and/or painters did not think the Bible reflected the true events that were depicted in the
official Bible so they recorded for future generations of what was the truth as they learned
it which explains all the religious UFO paintings but still doesn't explain the Christian painting of the "Laughing Buddha GOD" exiting the UFO in my last post.

Most events such as "Fatima" or what would be described as supernatural events relating to
celestial objects are being denied by the religious because it didn't involve the self
promoted prophets that do not practice what they preach so it doesn't count whom are only
denying their history and the priviledge to speak with the GODs as well as their followers.

Known mythological facts about Judaic Angelology.
1. Satan the Serpent is one of the "Sons of God" or GODs Angel in Judaism known as "bene ha-Elohim", ah-Satan, Satan, Satanel, Sataniel or Satanail or as the Revelations Serpent Satan #1 minus all the heads to New Testament religious students with other names being used of any beings related to the Christian Devil are Meririm, Azazel, Belial, Beelzulbub, Samael or Samuel, Lucifer, Abaddon, Mawet, Samiaza or Samjazai, Lailah are just a few examples.

Satan hangs out with GOD going "To and fro the Earth" and the seven eyes of the Lord run "To and fro the Earth". Zecariah gets his messages from a chief Angel riding a red horse that "Walks through to and fro the Earth".

2. Satan #2 is Beelzebul God to the Philistines, Lord to the Canaanites, the GOD Baal to the Semites or Satan #2 Beelzulbub in the New Testament and all the other names used in other cultures in my previous post dedicated to him.

3. Adam and Abraham both recieved knowledge from Azazzel and Uzazzel which doesn't coincide with an Angel falling from grace.

Satan and the "Fallen Angel Story" most likely came from Mesopotamia or the Babylonians whom had a similar story but did not have this modern interpretation of "Satan" that we have today, unfortunately the original writings of the Apocrypha were lost so "The Bible" has little to stand on when it comes to the truth of this story.

Why would the "Official Bible" omit the UFO and Serpent connections of the Old and New
Testament but instead slander those same GOD/Angels.

The BIG QUESTION is if the Bible was rewritten to cover-up the death of Jesus Christ, to control past, present and future world events, did the past people know the Church and Government were very Anti-Christ or Against-Jesus as well as many false followers thus is where the name originated, was the Church responsible for the death of Jesus and is the reason for "The Censored Bible". What if the "Current World Governments" have pushed the "LIE" knowing the truth of it's deceit by helping the Church hide it's UNGODLIKE activity that has plagued the Church since ancient times.

What if Satan was very real but there was no dramatic fall of Angels and ah-Satan is still the "bene ha-Elohim", the religious practicing their religion need to make some serious amendments due to the fact they are disgracing every religion and their own.

The "Official Bible" is the longest historical conspiracy ever that contains real events
that were completely changed, slightly modified or omitted throughout history at some point
then when it was canonized the events were to reflect the "Roman Catholic Churchs" views
during that period protecting it from the real Biblical events which was done to to control
the worlds religions explaining the flourishment after it was canonized to "CONVERT" all the
cultures religious icons and beliefs, it also coincides with the Vaticans interest in obtaining other cultures artifacts to remove them from history, the book burnings past, present and future of the "Official Holy Book of Blame and Blasphemy". The Bible badmouths every cultures GOD/s etc... pertaining to some historical period on any continent while trying to re-teach a real
religion in a completely different manner becoming a false religion that only breeds hate,
it systematically creates a good-bad scenario which doesn't reflect it's historical roots or
what it is suppose to teach blaming everything on a real Angel in their religion or a GOD in
another religion for all their problems such as i.e. murder, pederasty, lying, blasphemy,
etc.... . It even pulls cultures away from their original Serpent historical connections by
claiming the GOD they see is a false GOD and/or Devil whom is always trying to trick you and
will be the reason for all your problems unless you study "their" religion and if you don't your
working with the Devil. This modern interpretation of their "philosophy" goes against what they teach and all religions are to be accepted, it would also scare most people into thinking something is wrong with them personally, it also promotes the fact if anyone is visited your being visited by someone "BAD" which could cause one to follow a new religion so conveniently. The Catholics call it a "Spiritual Attack" which anyone can research using any search engines which is on the Internet forever.
If anyone obviously discovered the truth they have pre-planned a story that some Anti-Christ
will be working with the Devil(Serpent/Beelzulbub) whom are GODs in other cultures it is
whom Jesus was in contact with which "POSITIVELY COINCIDES" with all other mythological and archaeological world history. The religion destroys it's original historical roots to any GOD/Angel/Demon through it's members whom do not realize what they are doing, please someone tell the religious Christians and Catholics Satan is still going "To and fro the earth". The religious Christians/Catholics are responsible for the deaths of millions going back to this doctrine that was used to murder people being blamed for working with the "Christian Devil" whom doesn't exist in "The Christian Perception of the Devil".

If we look at history on a broad scale we can see whomever ruled controlled the religions and influenced the beliefs of that culture. Everyone has wondered about the Roman Empire's fate, some historians claim many Romans converted to Christianity. I always like to be open and retain the possibilty of "An Act of GOD" could have taken care of them or did they just "pack their luggage" and "exit stage left" planting a "Trojan Horse" into the religion during their reign and when they knew they couldn't beat the enemy they joined them influencing the original religion into the new direction it has driven itself into arrogantly killing whomever opposed the new religious doctrine and now centuries later we find out whom the religious were murdering people over 'THEIR GODS/ANGELS" for example the witch hunts, look at Satan in post two and ask yourself "Whom was wrong", we have had the photo of Satan for over 40 years.

The censored Bible is what they used to write all the other Bibles forgetting about the other cultures in the same region that had their own version and if we were able to put them all together we would get some similar and conflicting information.

The "Ones in Denial" want a big battle in "Heaven" or space as
we now know it to transpire between their GOD of GOOD and the BAD ANGEL of GOD which in fact could be a real prophesied event but it was "MODIFIED" in New Testament belief and the
Anti-Christ that arises are actually the same followers of that very religion. When Jesus was crucified someone obviously didn't like what he was doing which was trying
to teach basic virtues or principles and values pertaining to our conduct or how we should
be in attitude/spirit to become a better person inside so one could obtain the right to
speak with the Angels or GOD reaping the reward of wisdom, knowledge, love, etc... which the
GODs/Angels/etc.. were known throughout history to share.

The Romans didn't like whom Jesus was in contact with and made false accusations against him to justify his death, his teachings probably contradicted many false prophets whom claimed such relationship with GOD/etc... . The fact they call an "Elohim Angel" the "Accuser" fits with the "Biblical M.O." of degrading other cultures GODs or "The Real GODs/etc..." that many were in contact with which the other cultures and/or same cultures people tried to correct so they concocted a story that would resemble their opinion based on a series of real stories.

The "Official Bible" teaches blame and hate which coincides with the radical or extreme religious whom are spiritual dunces insulting everything in life they see fit to justify their lower thinking skills and belief of their perception of history. Some very good examples are being listed over at such as Jesus Camp, The God Warrior, Robertson, Delay and other Government employees that misuse this information making the most responsible people the most irresponsible ever in the history of the world.

1-7-07 I had Biblestudy or Bibleargue with my Christian friends. I tried to point out certain descrepencies teaching hate in the Bible and had The Hebrew Bible, Cross, Adam and Jesus thrown in my face violently. My friends use no Judaic principles but have a completely different interpretation of the Bible "LITERALLY". They told me the Hebrew Bible started with Adam in "ISRAEL" with GOD, eventually getting to Noah, Jesus and the cross. I tried to point out the story is a series of events or "Books" with some stories with older origins not from Israel which they wouldn't listen too. I asked why the Jews don't recognize Jesus, Angels or GOD/s in the same light as western Christians/Catholics whom use the same information which they replied with "He's a Messiah not Prophet" promoted to GOD by humans changing the religion to monotheism which occured in many cultures, "Satan is the Devil", very good, the characters have different titles then the original Judaic meaning, this is what happens when people fight over religion and Christians/Catholics try to tell Judaism "what is what" with Judaic Christianity when their religion is real with many GODs which is stated in the Hebrew Bible (do you see the change), how do you take the GOD out of Jesus or like Jesus using Beelzulbub to cast out demons. My friends could not identify the cross to anything else except Jesus being crucified which the cross had it's roots in the religions earlier forms connected to the Serpent which they combine pre-Christ calling it Christian but then seperate what they want when they say Christianity was formed using the double standard circular logic, basically they cut off the Christian roots, it's like saying the OT people were not Christians but they use it in the same context for Jesus in their speech. Hasn't anyone wondered why the Romans were specifically crucifiying people on the Cross and Jesus was not the only person to be crucified. The Romans used the Cross to insult what the Cross represented and to instill a psychological affect upon anyone whom followed the Cross and it's origins which is being done now by ignorant followers who do not realize what they are learning is different from where their information originated and what was truly meant, if Jesus was here he would be upset with "SOME" of his followers for seeing only one aspect of world history which goes against acceptance or understanding. I am speaking to those in "Denial" which Jesus tried to teach and many other things but many are under a constant barrage of "Lies". My Bible study ended with "You don't need to believe in GOD just Jesus Christ" which is missing the point coming from a friend that doen't go to church or read the Bible, wears a crucified Jesus cross and simply relies on his wife whom on 4 or 5 occasions when visiting on Sunday morning she has came back from Church in an extreme violent rage which her behavior coincides with the article in the links titled "The Battle for your Mind" which does not apply to every Church but many have followed this path.

Modern day Christianity/Catholicism is a double bladed two sided sword that can cut you no matter what end your on if you do not recognize the truth of it's origins, if your for or against it the design was to cut both ends, if anyone pratices the Christian/Catholic Satanism they are in escense "Blasphemying" GOD.

Over at UFOfrauds there are many examples of people whom claim a relationship with some GOD with some of the stories being made up which coincides with some scripture in the "Official Bible" which does not incorporate the other "Books" that Hebrew Judaism incorporates but out of the bunch there are real people that speak to the GODs/etc.. Moses being threatened by Angels for not circumcising his child or killing half his followers is equivalent to all the children being accidently sacrificed to the same GOD they worshipped but had another name of "Molech" in another culture or we could even use Prophet Yahweh as an example for him saying the UFO/GOD he summons is Yahweh whom he also claims "GOD is a superhuman Black Man or GOD is black" and that there is a "Luciferian" conspiracy against him when Yahweh is a Black GOD which makes him correct in one aspect but Yahweh is also Lucifer in one form and is the same "Black Deity" seen in many cultures this doesn't mean he isn't tryin to "do the right thing" and is the reason why some of his opinions are not supported by me but he is praising and blasphemying GOD. Do you see the possible misunderstanding someone in the past could have had just like now, the "Big Picture and Fine Print" has been in front of our faces this whole time we just get told a different story and miss everything generally speaking thinking we know almost everything, same "Sky GODs" folks, just many different latter stories.

The Vatican or Roman Catholic Church recognizes "STAR PEOPLE" and does not make any historical religious connection to what they call "Star People" to any of the worlds religions or their own which is a clear example they do not know what they are doing and are hiding something very big related to the history of the world, they need to acknowledge another mistake.

The Annunaki/Sumerian sky GOD story actually coincides with the Christian/Catholic sky GOD/Angels in many historic dipictions by "THOUSANDS of YEARS" down to the part of some GODs/Angels coming down from the sky with modifications in much later Christian/ROMAN Catholic writings derived from Hebrew text that were under others influence, do we have a wolf in sheep's clothing?, did the Romans not like Jesus due to another interpretation of the same GOD the Romans had but their activities didn't reflect the truth which resulted in ridicule such as the "Cross" being connected to their same Roman GOD, did the Romans change the framework planting a seed and joining Christianity in light of defeat influencing the religious split that is evident today, those answers we may never know but we could say religious texts were altered at some point to save lives from bloodthirsty savages back then known as Romans and the Roman Catholic Church which has a nasty record of persecution which would explain any revised Bible that cleans their image up while maintaining their world conquest tour just like now. One example is the Quran that is an offshoot of Christianity which positively influenced the Quran with many similarities but different roles the Biblical characters played while keeping in line with Christian ideology when referring to Satan or Shaitan thus is another example of a culture avoiding being persecuted, nobody else was out killing people over the Devil specifically until this new ideology formed, people were killing themselves over the same GODs with different reasons.

The creation stories of sky GODs creating humans does explain the different models of humans that failed and were immediately replaced with the last known humans all having a story connected to sky GODs on every continent which they obviously educated then repopulated the Earth after they destroyed the last humans due to humanities wickedness that was breed into the gene line which is the opposite of creating a civilized society that represents GODlike attributes thus entitling us to be GODlike and our place in a vast universe of life, we say the world is not flat or the Earth is not the center of the universe but many act like it is both or what about that "Big Bang Lie" and we see the edge or the earliest starting point of life in the universe, has anyone wondered where that starting point of the bang is exactly, we can see the edge but not our own closest planets or into "The Milky Way" and were looking "Way back in Time" which we now know light travels faster then previously thought, "thanks modern technology too bad humans couldn't keep pace truthfully". We have a group of people that want their specific religion to be the "Missing Link" to humans and everything done has been justified or done correctly, yeah right, it is the missing link that they keep missing.

We have learned so far that the "Official Bible" takes the very same GOD/Angels of every culture and destroys the original meaning of the GODs of every culture and evens turns the main Chief GODs of where their religion came from into "The Arch-Nemesis of a made up GOD" thus giving the religion freedom to hate everything that does not work with it's ideology. It truly is a false religion if you do not recognize the actual roots replacing it with another story that uses parts of the original story in a selective manner. One really strange fact is that these Christain/Catholic badguys were worshipped by these very same Christians/Catholics the entire time, the GODs were known by people among that area so why would the Hebrews denigrate the entire regions GODs when they acknowledge the regions GODs in the Hebrew Bible, this "corruption theory" does fit with the corrupted scripture fact due to many overwhelming historical facts that contradict the "Official Bible" itself now.

The GODs keep telling me that there is more to the Bible and Jesus in the wilderness, it's a catch-22 situation for most given we can trace the original historical roots back to
the Annunaki. The Romans had a different view of these same GODs/Angels they worshipped then promoted another view which resulted in a negative demonization of the same GODs/Angels that they didn't want to be part of which could have been done to infiltrate a religion(crafty Romans) that had many followers then at some point this poor guy named Jesus Christ comes along and figures what the Romans and the new Christian/Catholic belief that was forming at the time was doing to the actual religion that completely contradicted both pointing out the hypocrisy that still exist over a thousand years later, they were both misusing the Cross which represented Divinity. Jesus was pulling the faith back in the correct direction towards it's Serpent connection showing everyone whom the real GODs were again instead of story that is still used today thus is why he was jammed then crucified which caused the the true followers to go into hiding whom were eventually killed for being in colusion with the "Devil" by the new radical followers of Christianity/Catholicism.

The Roman Empire of the past and the U.S. now could be an comparitive equal example of a prospering civilization going into another country such as Iraq to hide and destroy it's historical religious origins which could explain why the U.S. has been excavating ancient Babylon in Baghdad that soldiers were seen removing Serpent related artifacts that a reporter caught them worshipping around 6 months ago. The U.S. is equivalent to the Roman Empire that wanted to keep the information a secret while trying to yield or reap it's knowledge rewriting history along the way to hide it's mistake, how would they explain this, surely not in the manner that is being implied by me, nothing's worse then people trying to hide their flaws and then rewrite their information to make themselves look like they didn't make a mistake. Somtimes honesty is the best policy.

It's very important that anyone wishing to contact these GODs/Angels/Demons(divine beings) that your perception of what you thought is not negative, if you perceive this in a negative light that will hamper your own spiritual growth, if you make really disrespectful comments also called blasphemy you may have a very negative experience but then again your GODs might not waste anytime with you and never come.

Everyone down on Earth is being judged, what happens afterwards is a good question but a lake of fire or whatever is very imaginative. We must learn how to accept, forgive and love everything since our vile human ways are not acceptable behavior for a higher evolving specie in the Universe. This is about changing old bad habits or recognizing what you didn't do in life correctly for a new you that will see between the lines and the big picture which can apply in many ways to life.

My personal experiences are quite unique. In all my visits no missing time, scratches, bruises or hostile beings have ever been confronted but then again this is my family. This is humanities family, some are just tied closer by the genome which is my case.

The only missing time experienced by me is sitting in commute traffic everyday. I have had in the last 12 years unrelated to this 3 MRIs, 1 CT and 15 x-rays, NO FOREIGN OBJECTS have ever been found so to the people that get things removed from their body "The video by Dr. Leir is pretty interesting" which was included for others to see but it does not necessarily make it related to UFOs, it could be it just doesn't apply to me.

To all the "Missing Time" people "GET A WATCH" or pay attention and to the people that seek "hypnotherapy" to recall missing time events just remember it's not accepted in a court of law for a very good reason. Most visits are short, if they came down and returned you in five minutes nobody would realize any missing time or if they were even visited. There is a difference from realizing a visit then not recalling anything because you will know if they want you too remember.

I have also re-researched the celestial event on 3-10-06 and that the stars they were claiming lit up at first on 3-08-06 were Mizar and Alcor but after looking at the positions of the actual stars the other star is a NEW UNKNOWN STAR???? that is connected to the Mul Apin which is the reason why they do not want to discuss the issue but there is a new star we can't see up near Mizar. It's a religious loss that will bring something other then good karma if they do not acknowledge the event, the Vatican observatory was asked about it several times as well as 20+ observatories after it happened, all but one small private person could verify the event so far. If anyone has a good telescope look. If you were to hold a ruler at arms length new star was 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch at the 7:35 position from Mizar on March 10th of 2006, what position it would be now is a guess. There is some interesting information coming out about Ursa Major.

I think the ones in "DENIAL" are waiting for some people with wings to come down with "Jesus" and say "You have done such a good job" with the all mysterious GOD, it could happen let me know if it does anyone, matter of fact put it on "youtube" it would never make the news since we can't afford to miss all that valuable propaganda, when the whole shape shifting thing is figured out you'll see that for free but it's most likely not going happen, it would be physically impossible for little ol" me to turn into some rabid 6 to 9 foot tall reptile or tengu, someone is watching too much T.V.. I think that whole shapeshifting thing was from the effects of being to close to the craft they fly and/or having those affects purposely induced on a hallucinatory level given what has been seen by me.

(I have spoken with the Christian/Catholic Satans and they have all converted to Buddhism now becoming protector deities, your all safe:). I am not sure if the other part of Judaism that made Christianity/Catholicism will agree or maybe the original written religion could be used but the reason why they converted to Buddhism and not the original Judaic teachings is that they need to be fair in praticing both versions which caused us to realize they'll have to go around killing people half the time so thus is how we settled on Buddhism, THANKS BUDDHA :):).)

Your GODs/Angels love everyone and they are just asking those very faithful followers to understand how history got written in some cultures the way it did asking only for love instead of blame hoping you will fix this "minor" error. The way you wish to speak or worship them is up to you, they at the minumum just wish to be acknowledged, apologized too and thanked. If humans wish to obtain GODLIKE attributes then they should take a closer look at life to see if it has anything else to offer, there is someone who will come and help you when you really need it the most just like what was written about miracles, someone really physically comes too help just like ancient history thousands of years later in the same way, isn't that amazing.

The GODs love us but we have some things to fix in life on a mass scale and this is a message to fix your "wrongs to rights".

It's funny one persons GOD/s is another persons Demons which is another persons GOD that gives funny probes which is another persons Alien GOD/s which another persons family or is that humanities family.

My future prediction:
A mad rush to see the Gods and Angels.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Communication with the Spirits of the Air.

Some people wonder if there is some real trick to calling or summoning a GODs/Angels/Demons/etc... It does help to be related but character is everything. The word Demons is Greek which means divinity, whom to listen too.

If one views these paintings/wood cuts one will see lights in the sky have been recorded for many eons. These same lights are what we call UFOs but the ancient people called Gods/Angels/Demons which were recorded as being good and bad in every culture. Mainly bad because their appearance was not accepted unlike the human visitors that travel with them called Nordics or Blonds, stereo typing has been around forever.

There are two woodcuts of "The Invisable College of the Rosicrucians". If you look really close there are stared clouds with a bird and serpent-human beaming down on a light, winged disc cloud with a hand reaching downward, what looks like winged messages going back and forth all connecting to someone either in the building or on the ground looking up. Then we have some strange events such as the guy jumping off the cliff, the building which resembles a boat resting on the mountain and the person being lowered into a concrete object. The photo between the Rosicrucians Invisable College relates to Lucifer which has many similar images.

Whats the common theme folks? Lights or craft with occupants conveying messages to people on the ground with the people on the ground "Praying" to the GODs in the sky. Ancient Mesopotamia is obviously older then the same Christian/Catholic interpretation of speaking or worshipping "SKY GODS" by thousands of years. Judaisms "Cross" and "Tree of Life" come from this same region which is probably where the other related stories originated given they are very similar. We can also see in one painting of "Mary and the baby Jesus" that the "Cross" was part of the religion before Jesus was crucified and the origin of the "Cross" goes back to Sumeria.

The GODs of Christianity are the same pagan Gods or spirits or whatever someone creates:):):)(Anything other)Anti-God(bad demons) or people that believe in a supreme being not calling him a God or would theo/anthromorphic Gods with just a newer name be better, sorry Christians, Hindus, Buddhist or worshippers of whatever love one, love all and love your God/Angels/Demons/etc... They are the same Gods/spirits/etc... from every culture, just because it isn't part of Judaism or Abrahamic history don't mean it couldn't be related to some other history that saw these entities in a different light or worshipped things that related to their experience. The Gods have helpers that keep a universal balance similar to Yin/Yang, if a angel/demon is ordered to administer justice does this make him/her bad, does a being with genes of humans and other life from earth or elsewhere make them a demon of evil, does a religion that makes these beings Divine but then gets changed later making them bad credible??????, it does point to a possible misunderstanding. Maybe someone had ill intentions with their new profound knowledge and the Gods made sure that person had a bad experince thus being negatively demonized in our western modern day sense of what we think of what were called Demons or Daemons by the ancient writers.

If we go back and look at history we find that Hell and many other words have ambigous meanings. It's funny when you read for example about Hell which was paradise and the demons were responsible for knowledge such as science, math, language, etc.... then we have other religions that have negatively demonized this same place as being bad but then taken these same GODs/angels/demons/spirits/etc.... and altered names using them for their own religion, it's crazy but true and it has happened in Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Kabbahlah, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.... all being good for their religion so whom is correct, they all try to teach aspirations of good natured ideas and how to obtain this enlightened state with a higher being that imparts knowledge and wisdom. Like everyone use to say "Same GOD":) but instead we have Gods/angels/demons etc... either all good, good and bad or all bad. Christianities angels/demons are the Goetias demons which are the Kabbahlist Gods and etc.... do you see the mockery.

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Zoroastrianism, Goetia, some Nativeamerican are good examples of Gods/angels/demons/etc.. being turned either good or bad. The Bible, Hinduism or Buddhism are Book's of Irony or writing's that may have some embellished events pertaining to contradicting scriptures, don't get me wrong some of those prophets were real, some fake some very misunderstood unfortunately causing these inconsistent scriptures that are the complete opposite of what other prophets say. Hinduism has many variations like Biblical theology where they are all worshipping a main creator God with other deities known as devas and devis, Christians have angel's with names like Michael or the stories of Mary/Guadalupe both having male or female saviors. In the later parts of both religions a God has a problem with one of his lower ranking angels or deities or lesser role. Christianities Serpent was in the garden was both a God like being or angel worshipped by the Ophites depending which scripture is read only to be cast down in later scripture as the Devil, in early Hinduism the Devas, Ashuras and Nagas all work together only to be denigrated in later writings, Garuda and the Nagas/Serpent is a good example, they were once friends then someone else writes the opposite later. In early Hinduism all the Gods were friends, in later Hinduism half these Gods turn into bad demons, then Buddhism takes the Hindu pantheon and turns bad demons into protectors deities that have converted to Buddhism and demonizes the others as bad or evil, it's obvious later writer's were confused about being visited by Gods/angels/demons/etc... or any divine, cosmic or celestial being just like now and others just had malintentions. My own Christian friends have said "Thats your God, not ours" and my response was "That's everyones" Gods/angels/demons/etc...., we all need to be more grateful.

Zarathushtra/Zaratushtra/Zoroaster even had a similar GOD/etc... to Vedic Gods that were the opposite in intent and name, there are several stories which is another good example of a person being contacted by what he describes as good or human like GODs by his depictions as in homo sapiens and bad GODs or Demons When he describes Demons of the Darkness like Ahriman/Angra Mainyu as being bad or the enemy of Ahura Mazda whom is the Persian God of Light which is the Light he saw during the day in the mountains which are the same mountain GODs in all history or same Light at night. The Hand of God was the Light, if you get visited by one GOD you will get visited by others and they are on the same craft sometimes, if you are not loving or equal with all your GODs in attitude you might have a bad visit(guessing) that wouldn't make any sense, assuming at one point or another he most likely was visited by another GOD and turned everything into a good or bad issue for the sake of his own ineptitude of only showing his devotion to one GOD or the story was altered from the original events but he may have had a misunderstanding so they taught him how to become a better person through wisdom and spiritualness which seems very common among religions.

Zarathushtras description of "Divs" and the association to Angra Mainyu/Ahriman sounds like Meso/Southamerican GODs that worked with these other GODs he was devoted too. He describes beings that had large genetalia, it's obvious they weren't wearing space suits but we do have GODs in other cultures that did have large genetalia such as Nativeamerican(Kokopelli) and Celtic history or was that Sumerian(I get my well endowed GODs mixed up with my large breasted GODDESS'), whom is correct or truly understood, maybe they wanted him to denounce his religion/belief so the others would be accepted verses what is interpreted now as him denouncing the religion to worship bad. Zarathushtra thought materialism was linked to Ahriman/Angra Mainyu but that is a typical lower thinking human trait something most of society suffers from but do we say that the Devil/etc... is responsible for curious ignorant humans wanting convenience, one persons Demon is another cultures fertility God.

I have also discovered in my research that modern day Christianity refers the Devil, Beast, Lucifer, Satan or the Serpent that supposd to have tricked Eve as one entity but in fact after researching more historical artwork it appears there are three main depictions of this entity. We have a man in many paintings, we have a dragon or serpent in others then as strange as it sounds we have a horned large nose pointed eared humanoid. The latter two are depicted as either being good or bad as the Serpent, Satanail or Lucifer so it is quite possible that both were confused as being one when they were seperate entities. It's more evidence that the early writers worshipped these entities while the latter negatively demonized. The "Serpent People" or Ophites worshipped the OT Serpent as did many cultures while many other cultures worshipped the "Black GOD" whom actually could be one of the mentioned forms of Satanail or Lucifer "The Bearer of Light" and according to Hebrew text the GOD or Angel Satan is the prosecutor or adversary.

When these craft came previously a couple times for me it was causing a panic attack while sleeping and by simply waking me it stopped, it could even be described as a terrifying experience that really wasn't terrifying which coincides with Biblical scriptures by Adam and Eve when they describe going to Heaven as terrifying sometimes. I believe it is the crafts electrical magnetic effects/etc... producing this adverse reaction. They most likely wanted me to experience this like the ancient writers to see if this hidden clue in history would be figured out by someone, it only occurred a couple times and hasn't happened again but I did ask them if they could adjust the craft so it would be less startling and now they have to wake me otherwise they could come and go without knowing when getting BEAMED UP:), the rest of the time is spent talking to them when they just come to listen and fly around. It's a good assumption for me that Zarathushtra, Adam and Eve had terrifying visits that weren't, they were probably awakened and freaked out by whom was visiting them but interpreted this as a negative terrifying experience thus creating good and bad GODs, do you really have a choice of which GOD/GODs comes to help you, the answer is no.

Then we have the Dravidians and Aryans. In early Vedic legends, which celebrate the victory of the Aryan invaders who entered India around 1500 BC and conquered the local Dravidian people, we find mention of the Asura King (Ashura O). The Aryans portrayed their own gods as benevolent heavenly beings, while the gods of the conquered people were demoted to serving as subjects of the Aryan deities. But the Asura King, one of the major gods of the conquered Dravidians, was a threat to the victors, and was subsequently demoted to demon status.

We have to take into consideration that in many cultures these GODs all worked together the word demon had a positive meaning but it later cultures the GODs that were not accepted or someone else’s were thus negatively demonized which is a major lower intelligent thinking skill being applied for whatever reason or agenda the ancient ill guided people had to use their knowledge for the benefit of themselves or civilization which coincidently is happening at this moment but the ones that are misusing this information do not speak with the GODs which could have happened in past cultures and when people were visited they spoke with their religious sect to make sense of their experience only to be told some bad Demon was visiting them without knowing it was a GOD thus some information could have been taken from cultures without knowing the true meaning and the latter term came to demote any ones GOD that opposed the past civilizations mentality or perceived belief.

The great thing about all of this is you can take a name or idea but you can't steal GODs, you can't benefit fully if your own lack of understanding is going to stop thelower thinking human because they learned this is how things are supposed to be.This behavior has occurred in every culture which is a sign that no matter whom conquered what they are all gone. The lack of courtesy or respect is an undesirable trait that goes back to our survival of the fittest hunter gatherer wild gene that is a natural survival instinct but our GODs/Demons(Divine Beings)/Angels/Celestial Beings/ET/etc..... that are the same in every culture are trying to domesticate by our terminology the current human race known as Homo Sapiens.

I know it's hard to imagine we are some experiment created as written in many cultures with a missing link to Giants, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapien or all life and if we could evolve technologically within a few hundred years rapidly what says the past humans prototypes couldn't since we have no proof of us morphing or evolving from each race, this hypothesis would then coincide with the historical fact we once were an advanced specie but failed and this information has not been conveyed to us.

One Panspermia theory is that we evolved from bacteria hitching a ride on a comet/meteor/etc.. then evolved into an ocean specie grew legs then adapted to crawl on land as another specie only to branch off again and become slightly upright or a primate state then to branch off again evolving to ape then man is questionable since that idea is the complete opposite of written history and artifacts that show we once were evolved that mainstream science refuses to investigate because they like GOD as a myth but not in reality for their lack of acceptance and denial hinders any insight/foresight to truth.

We have models of species with no in-between specie between those specie but the distinct failure of specific versions of species, we had previous versions that had short life spans small craniums with some physical problems but were very rugged and every new model of human (originating from partial primate based and dinosaur) has a significant upgrade with fewer natural physical problems(current humans have created many problems) and the improvement of cranium mass or brain size. I suspect what we have thought of mere early primates did evolve rapidly like us now but completely failed from the smaller brain capacity that lacked intellectual/critical thinking skills which made them less desirable as an advanced specie due to lack of "specific intelligence", it's funny how the most peaceful human specie is the longest living(Scandinavia) but the most violent and powerful is no where to be found.

Our Gods tried to teach me quite a few things about history. One was the death of our ocean and the snowball affect it will have when it collapses then 5 months later a large portion of coral reefs died after being told this information. I was also told that the periodic chart of elements is actually like the food chain or a hurricane or the spiral energy the craft/UFO make as seen in "The case for Nasa". Everything used turns into something else or a different element given whatever state it's in solid, liquid or gas entering the center only to be thrown out in another state or element that can be turned into something else to be recycled, it's the ultimate unlimited or recycleable energy source if we can figure it out which goes back to some parts of Hermetism.

Brown's Gas is that energy idea that is mentioned and is in it's infancy stage. This type of energy source that uses sea or lake water as an energy source only to give back pure water back is a start but we could have done this decades ago, we just haven't spent the money while using up resource's irresponsibly that cause environmental problems only to be told "We haven't got the technology" as an excuse. In the meantime we have things that are not beneficial to all life such as nuclear power or waste, we shouldn't play with nuclear matter if we haven't figured out how to break down or detoxify all the radioactive isotopes, we have managed to make three isotopes into none hazardous usable metals but were behind killing ourselves or maybe even worse causing a mass extinction. We can't dump whatever in the ocean such as nuclear waste which is still being done and then expect the food chain to survive not to mention feeding that contaminated sea life as food to other life "You are what you eat". Cleaning it up now is beyond our technology the GODs would help us but they are not going to play garbage man to our own stupidity, it's something we have to figure out.

The fact we could turn our entire planet into a rain forest using that water as fuel giving back unpolluted water is a positive move environmentally for all life. Solarize all structures to lower the amount of coal being burned to decrease pollutant levels. Fuel cell or Hybrid all vehicles and convert them to biofuel to lower the amount of petroleum use by 20% and pollutants 70% emmitted in a car that uses 1/3 to 1/2 of the gas of a normal car while we evolve to the next step technologically it all adds up, this is just a start, we have had biofuels since the car was first introduced, convience was the most important factor without seeing the long term effect of a resource misused. Biofuels on the other hand can make whatever is made from petroleum, the other benefits from biofuels is clean emmisions, changes to ecosystems from the growth of plants that use carbon dioxide and put water vapor into the atmosphere creating rain, ozone and an unlimited clean fuel when they figure out how to burn water like gas which can be done not to forget that we can make food, homes or anything from the leftover material.

The fact every home could power itself most of the year by using solar panels that would send power back into the system thus reducing the consumption drastically for coal or nuclear energy but the claimed educated that makes the choices for all like nuclear waste for the depleted uranium weapons they adore. We have countries that dump radioactive waste in the ocean and still use it as a testing ground compiling the waste on top of all the other waste dumped. Has anyone every wondered why pods beach themselves?, what do you think they are trying to say?, if they didn't beach themselves humans wouldn't know their fate but instead they beach themseleves to have humans examine why they died only to realize all the toxins created by humans is the culprit, we are being lied to about mostly everything. We only test for certain toxins and the ones found we blame on naturally occurring substances such as mecury, it is natural but humans dumped excess amounts into the ocean and this is still being done to this day, if they tested for all human made substances you would find it in all life on Earth, we are very polluted thanks to STUPID GREEDY LOWER THINKING HUMANS.

God told me the Trinity or Father, son and Holy Spirit refer to the Holy Spirit whom is God, the son who was the young blond/nordic teenager and the older blond/nordic is his father and they were on the craft/UFO that came in February. They also said Jesus was crucified not because of making some claim to Israel like the Romans claimed but JAMMED him like law enforcement does now, they couldn't kill him for believing in a GOD but saw his strength and numbers grow which was seen as a threat to the Roman Empire so they used another reason to avoid a civil disturbance, it's what the GODs told me so think what you want too.

Happy Halloween:):):):) or is there some other GOD/etc... you are expecting. How did our pagan holiday turn into dressing up in costumes and knocking on neighborhood doors for a "Trick or Treat" to receive candy but then how did Christmas turn into a fat guy in a red suit coming from the North pole in a sled flown by reigndeer's ends up squeezing down your chimney to bring you gifts or coal but secretly you must lie to your children and buy them gifts so they don't go to school being the only kid with no gifts, just imagine being the poor kid who has to lie about getting gifts. Rudolph does have similarities to Baphomet or Moloch/Molech and the Christian Devil is red kinda like the fat guy in the suit(That's a joke:) called Santa, move then N and you get Satan, maybe Revelations was correct that Santans seven heads were the reigndeer, oh laugh Hell is a good place depending what religion you study and Satanism was written by a some guy in the 1960's so it means little unless your into fairy tales.

The fact is there is so much artwork depicting UFOs/lights/visitors/etc... in every culture amazes me that this information is kept from the Christians or others that wish a personal relationship with GOD because you can have one.

Our GODs communicate using lights. If you summon them they will answer questions just like those paintings by shining lights down or flashing to you if they feel like answering your question. If they do not answer it wasn't that important. These same craft beam messages through the light guiding one to assist the GODs, it's a very strange but fascinating phenomena.

What helps when communicating is a very common question. Do you see why everyone is always looking up in religious paintings. It has something to do with looking up at the sky and talking to the sky.

The crafts that appear usually come in a pack. I have seen up to five at the same time, three craft is common but two will always show up. They are both distinctly different in color. If you see the 8-16-06 China UFO that is in one of the paintings above it has seven lights that appear before flying off at light speed, this craft is a bright neon white, different then the red/orange/yellow craft that turns a more red yellow white but both have the same beam lights which is neon white coincidently like certain plane lights which most likely where changed at one point so UFOs could be declared airplanes, it's part of "Operation Keep America Stupid".

Project your love skyward be positive, happy or ecstatic and someone special might hear you, if you are angry they will wait until you calm down.

The love must come from your "HEART" then your mind. The heart has 6 to 7 times more electrical activity then the brain, it reacts before your brain and stores information just like the brain, watch the documentary "Mindshock Transplanting Memories" in the link. This electrical activity is the energy that activates other areas of the brain that most do not use which is linked to the sixth sense and higher brain activity. One naturally growing plant used as a sacrament in many cultures used as ingredients for SOMA, The Holy Annointing Oil, etc.. is also known as cannabis(canna) resin which stimulates higher brain electrical activity when used in small quantities and can have the opposite effect when used in large quantities not to forget almost everything we use can be made from the GODs most diverse plant on Earth which also happens to use large amounts of CO2 then gives in return large amounts of O2 and H2O in the form of water vapor which will convert to O3 in the upper atmosphere. Extended or intense exercise will also stimulate more neurotransmitters and growth hormones which could explain pilgrimages and is one part of the human "fountain of youth" the other is exercising your brain. Tantric style, in some cases sacrificial ceramonies were also performed since sexual intercoarse also stimulates the brain in a similar way but the sacrifices were most likely done due too ignorance in thinking a sacrifice was necessary for invoking a spirit or could the spirit have come for the dead which another person whom is a firefighter researching his own personal events of the UFO phenamona has noticed UFOs around people that have passed away, maybe he'll have something good to add if he ever reads his messages. I did speak with a Vietnam veteran and he said before firefights glowing disc would appear similar to the famous "Foo Fighters" of WW2, there may be life after death. Lets not forget meditation which also stimulates neurotransmitter production and clears the slate or erases your brains temporary memory just like exercise and sleep, it's all relative, you are what you eat so dine healthy if you want to be and think healthy. I personal do not stay in a meditative state or a period of extreme calm for a long time, by becoming excited in a active happy manner the brain releases more neurotransmitters thus using more brain activity.

Have fun and be positive there is nothing to fear for GOD is near.