Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Communication with the Spirits of the Air.

Some people wonder if there is some real trick to calling or summoning a GODs/Angels/Demons/etc... It does help to be related but character is everything. The word Demons is Greek which means divinity, whom to listen too.

If one views these paintings/wood cuts one will see lights in the sky have been recorded for many eons. These same lights are what we call UFOs but the ancient people called Gods/Angels/Demons which were recorded as being good and bad in every culture. Mainly bad because their appearance was not accepted unlike the human visitors that travel with them called Nordics or Blonds, stereo typing has been around forever.

There are two woodcuts of "The Invisable College of the Rosicrucians". If you look really close there are stared clouds with a bird and serpent-human beaming down on a light, winged disc cloud with a hand reaching downward, what looks like winged messages going back and forth all connecting to someone either in the building or on the ground looking up. Then we have some strange events such as the guy jumping off the cliff, the building which resembles a boat resting on the mountain and the person being lowered into a concrete object. The photo between the Rosicrucians Invisable College relates to Lucifer which has many similar images.

Whats the common theme folks? Lights or craft with occupants conveying messages to people on the ground with the people on the ground "Praying" to the GODs in the sky. Ancient Mesopotamia is obviously older then the same Christian/Catholic interpretation of speaking or worshipping "SKY GODS" by thousands of years. Judaisms "Cross" and "Tree of Life" come from this same region which is probably where the other related stories originated given they are very similar. We can also see in one painting of "Mary and the baby Jesus" that the "Cross" was part of the religion before Jesus was crucified and the origin of the "Cross" goes back to Sumeria.

The GODs of Christianity are the same pagan Gods or spirits or whatever someone creates:):):)(Anything other)Anti-God(bad demons) or people that believe in a supreme being not calling him a God or would theo/anthromorphic Gods with just a newer name be better, sorry Christians, Hindus, Buddhist or worshippers of whatever love one, love all and love your God/Angels/Demons/etc... They are the same Gods/spirits/etc... from every culture, just because it isn't part of Judaism or Abrahamic history don't mean it couldn't be related to some other history that saw these entities in a different light or worshipped things that related to their experience. The Gods have helpers that keep a universal balance similar to Yin/Yang, if a angel/demon is ordered to administer justice does this make him/her bad, does a being with genes of humans and other life from earth or elsewhere make them a demon of evil, does a religion that makes these beings Divine but then gets changed later making them bad credible??????, it does point to a possible misunderstanding. Maybe someone had ill intentions with their new profound knowledge and the Gods made sure that person had a bad experince thus being negatively demonized in our western modern day sense of what we think of what were called Demons or Daemons by the ancient writers.

If we go back and look at history we find that Hell and many other words have ambigous meanings. It's funny when you read for example about Hell which was paradise and the demons were responsible for knowledge such as science, math, language, etc.... then we have other religions that have negatively demonized this same place as being bad but then taken these same GODs/angels/demons/spirits/etc.... and altered names using them for their own religion, it's crazy but true and it has happened in Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Kabbahlah, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.... all being good for their religion so whom is correct, they all try to teach aspirations of good natured ideas and how to obtain this enlightened state with a higher being that imparts knowledge and wisdom. Like everyone use to say "Same GOD":) but instead we have Gods/angels/demons etc... either all good, good and bad or all bad. Christianities angels/demons are the Goetias demons which are the Kabbahlist Gods and etc.... do you see the mockery.

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Zoroastrianism, Goetia, some Nativeamerican are good examples of Gods/angels/demons/etc.. being turned either good or bad. The Bible, Hinduism or Buddhism are Book's of Irony or writing's that may have some embellished events pertaining to contradicting scriptures, don't get me wrong some of those prophets were real, some fake some very misunderstood unfortunately causing these inconsistent scriptures that are the complete opposite of what other prophets say. Hinduism has many variations like Biblical theology where they are all worshipping a main creator God with other deities known as devas and devis, Christians have angel's with names like Michael or the stories of Mary/Guadalupe both having male or female saviors. In the later parts of both religions a God has a problem with one of his lower ranking angels or deities or lesser role. Christianities Serpent was in the garden was both a God like being or angel worshipped by the Ophites depending which scripture is read only to be cast down in later scripture as the Devil, in early Hinduism the Devas, Ashuras and Nagas all work together only to be denigrated in later writings, Garuda and the Nagas/Serpent is a good example, they were once friends then someone else writes the opposite later. In early Hinduism all the Gods were friends, in later Hinduism half these Gods turn into bad demons, then Buddhism takes the Hindu pantheon and turns bad demons into protectors deities that have converted to Buddhism and demonizes the others as bad or evil, it's obvious later writer's were confused about being visited by Gods/angels/demons/etc... or any divine, cosmic or celestial being just like now and others just had malintentions. My own Christian friends have said "Thats your God, not ours" and my response was "That's everyones" Gods/angels/demons/etc...., we all need to be more grateful.

Zarathushtra/Zaratushtra/Zoroaster even had a similar GOD/etc... to Vedic Gods that were the opposite in intent and name, there are several stories which is another good example of a person being contacted by what he describes as good or human like GODs by his depictions as in homo sapiens and bad GODs or Demons When he describes Demons of the Darkness like Ahriman/Angra Mainyu as being bad or the enemy of Ahura Mazda whom is the Persian God of Light which is the Light he saw during the day in the mountains which are the same mountain GODs in all history or same Light at night. The Hand of God was the Light, if you get visited by one GOD you will get visited by others and they are on the same craft sometimes, if you are not loving or equal with all your GODs in attitude you might have a bad visit(guessing) that wouldn't make any sense, assuming at one point or another he most likely was visited by another GOD and turned everything into a good or bad issue for the sake of his own ineptitude of only showing his devotion to one GOD or the story was altered from the original events but he may have had a misunderstanding so they taught him how to become a better person through wisdom and spiritualness which seems very common among religions.

Zarathushtras description of "Divs" and the association to Angra Mainyu/Ahriman sounds like Meso/Southamerican GODs that worked with these other GODs he was devoted too. He describes beings that had large genetalia, it's obvious they weren't wearing space suits but we do have GODs in other cultures that did have large genetalia such as Nativeamerican(Kokopelli) and Celtic history or was that Sumerian(I get my well endowed GODs mixed up with my large breasted GODDESS'), whom is correct or truly understood, maybe they wanted him to denounce his religion/belief so the others would be accepted verses what is interpreted now as him denouncing the religion to worship bad. Zarathushtra thought materialism was linked to Ahriman/Angra Mainyu but that is a typical lower thinking human trait something most of society suffers from but do we say that the Devil/etc... is responsible for curious ignorant humans wanting convenience, one persons Demon is another cultures fertility God.

I have also discovered in my research that modern day Christianity refers the Devil, Beast, Lucifer, Satan or the Serpent that supposd to have tricked Eve as one entity but in fact after researching more historical artwork it appears there are three main depictions of this entity. We have a man in many paintings, we have a dragon or serpent in others then as strange as it sounds we have a horned large nose pointed eared humanoid. The latter two are depicted as either being good or bad as the Serpent, Satanail or Lucifer so it is quite possible that both were confused as being one when they were seperate entities. It's more evidence that the early writers worshipped these entities while the latter negatively demonized. The "Serpent People" or Ophites worshipped the OT Serpent as did many cultures while many other cultures worshipped the "Black GOD" whom actually could be one of the mentioned forms of Satanail or Lucifer "The Bearer of Light" and according to Hebrew text the GOD or Angel Satan is the prosecutor or adversary.

When these craft came previously a couple times for me it was causing a panic attack while sleeping and by simply waking me it stopped, it could even be described as a terrifying experience that really wasn't terrifying which coincides with Biblical scriptures by Adam and Eve when they describe going to Heaven as terrifying sometimes. I believe it is the crafts electrical magnetic effects/etc... producing this adverse reaction. They most likely wanted me to experience this like the ancient writers to see if this hidden clue in history would be figured out by someone, it only occurred a couple times and hasn't happened again but I did ask them if they could adjust the craft so it would be less startling and now they have to wake me otherwise they could come and go without knowing when getting BEAMED UP:), the rest of the time is spent talking to them when they just come to listen and fly around. It's a good assumption for me that Zarathushtra, Adam and Eve had terrifying visits that weren't, they were probably awakened and freaked out by whom was visiting them but interpreted this as a negative terrifying experience thus creating good and bad GODs, do you really have a choice of which GOD/GODs comes to help you, the answer is no.

Then we have the Dravidians and Aryans. In early Vedic legends, which celebrate the victory of the Aryan invaders who entered India around 1500 BC and conquered the local Dravidian people, we find mention of the Asura King (Ashura O). The Aryans portrayed their own gods as benevolent heavenly beings, while the gods of the conquered people were demoted to serving as subjects of the Aryan deities. But the Asura King, one of the major gods of the conquered Dravidians, was a threat to the victors, and was subsequently demoted to demon status. http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/hachi-bushu.shtml#kendatsuba

We have to take into consideration that in many cultures these GODs all worked together the word demon had a positive meaning but it later cultures the GODs that were not accepted or someone else’s were thus negatively demonized which is a major lower intelligent thinking skill being applied for whatever reason or agenda the ancient ill guided people had to use their knowledge for the benefit of themselves or civilization which coincidently is happening at this moment but the ones that are misusing this information do not speak with the GODs which could have happened in past cultures and when people were visited they spoke with their religious sect to make sense of their experience only to be told some bad Demon was visiting them without knowing it was a GOD thus some information could have been taken from cultures without knowing the true meaning and the latter term came to demote any ones GOD that opposed the past civilizations mentality or perceived belief.

The great thing about all of this is you can take a name or idea but you can't steal GODs, you can't benefit fully if your own lack of understanding is going to stop thelower thinking human because they learned this is how things are supposed to be.This behavior has occurred in every culture which is a sign that no matter whom conquered what they are all gone. The lack of courtesy or respect is an undesirable trait that goes back to our survival of the fittest hunter gatherer wild gene that is a natural survival instinct but our GODs/Demons(Divine Beings)/Angels/Celestial Beings/ET/etc..... that are the same in every culture are trying to domesticate by our terminology the current human race known as Homo Sapiens.

I know it's hard to imagine we are some experiment created as written in many cultures with a missing link to Giants, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapien or all life and if we could evolve technologically within a few hundred years rapidly what says the past humans prototypes couldn't since we have no proof of us morphing or evolving from each race, this hypothesis would then coincide with the historical fact we once were an advanced specie but failed and this information has not been conveyed to us.

One Panspermia theory is that we evolved from bacteria hitching a ride on a comet/meteor/etc.. then evolved into an ocean specie grew legs then adapted to crawl on land as another specie only to branch off again and become slightly upright or a primate state then to branch off again evolving to ape then man is questionable since that idea is the complete opposite of written history and artifacts that show we once were evolved that mainstream science refuses to investigate because they like GOD as a myth but not in reality for their lack of acceptance and denial hinders any insight/foresight to truth.

We have models of species with no in-between specie between those specie but the distinct failure of specific versions of species, we had previous versions that had short life spans small craniums with some physical problems but were very rugged and every new model of human (originating from partial primate based and dinosaur) has a significant upgrade with fewer natural physical problems(current humans have created many problems) and the improvement of cranium mass or brain size. I suspect what we have thought of mere early primates did evolve rapidly like us now but completely failed from the smaller brain capacity that lacked intellectual/critical thinking skills which made them less desirable as an advanced specie due to lack of "specific intelligence", it's funny how the most peaceful human specie is the longest living(Scandinavia) but the most violent and powerful is no where to be found.

Our Gods tried to teach me quite a few things about history. One was the death of our ocean and the snowball affect it will have when it collapses then 5 months later a large portion of coral reefs died after being told this information. I was also told that the periodic chart of elements is actually like the food chain or a hurricane or the spiral energy the craft/UFO make as seen in "The case for Nasa". Everything used turns into something else or a different element given whatever state it's in solid, liquid or gas entering the center only to be thrown out in another state or element that can be turned into something else to be recycled, it's the ultimate unlimited or recycleable energy source if we can figure it out which goes back to some parts of Hermetism.

Brown's Gas is that energy idea that is mentioned and is in it's infancy stage. This type of energy source that uses sea or lake water as an energy source only to give back pure water back is a start but we could have done this decades ago, we just haven't spent the money while using up resource's irresponsibly that cause environmental problems only to be told "We haven't got the technology" as an excuse. In the meantime we have things that are not beneficial to all life such as nuclear power or waste, we shouldn't play with nuclear matter if we haven't figured out how to break down or detoxify all the radioactive isotopes, we have managed to make three isotopes into none hazardous usable metals but were behind killing ourselves or maybe even worse causing a mass extinction. We can't dump whatever in the ocean such as nuclear waste which is still being done and then expect the food chain to survive not to mention feeding that contaminated sea life as food to other life "You are what you eat". Cleaning it up now is beyond our technology the GODs would help us but they are not going to play garbage man to our own stupidity, it's something we have to figure out.

The fact we could turn our entire planet into a rain forest using that water as fuel giving back unpolluted water is a positive move environmentally for all life. Solarize all structures to lower the amount of coal being burned to decrease pollutant levels. Fuel cell or Hybrid all vehicles and convert them to biofuel to lower the amount of petroleum use by 20% and pollutants 70% emmitted in a car that uses 1/3 to 1/2 of the gas of a normal car while we evolve to the next step technologically it all adds up, this is just a start, we have had biofuels since the car was first introduced, convience was the most important factor without seeing the long term effect of a resource misused. Biofuels on the other hand can make whatever is made from petroleum, the other benefits from biofuels is clean emmisions, changes to ecosystems from the growth of plants that use carbon dioxide and put water vapor into the atmosphere creating rain, ozone and an unlimited clean fuel when they figure out how to burn water like gas which can be done not to forget that we can make food, homes or anything from the leftover material.

The fact every home could power itself most of the year by using solar panels that would send power back into the system thus reducing the consumption drastically for coal or nuclear energy but the claimed educated that makes the choices for all like nuclear waste for the depleted uranium weapons they adore. We have countries that dump radioactive waste in the ocean and still use it as a testing ground compiling the waste on top of all the other waste dumped. Has anyone every wondered why pods beach themselves?, what do you think they are trying to say?, if they didn't beach themselves humans wouldn't know their fate but instead they beach themseleves to have humans examine why they died only to realize all the toxins created by humans is the culprit, we are being lied to about mostly everything. We only test for certain toxins and the ones found we blame on naturally occurring substances such as mecury, it is natural but humans dumped excess amounts into the ocean and this is still being done to this day, if they tested for all human made substances you would find it in all life on Earth, we are very polluted thanks to STUPID GREEDY LOWER THINKING HUMANS.

God told me the Trinity or Father, son and Holy Spirit refer to the Holy Spirit whom is God, the son who was the young blond/nordic teenager and the older blond/nordic is his father and they were on the craft/UFO that came in February. They also said Jesus was crucified not because of making some claim to Israel like the Romans claimed but JAMMED him like law enforcement does now, they couldn't kill him for believing in a GOD but saw his strength and numbers grow which was seen as a threat to the Roman Empire so they used another reason to avoid a civil disturbance, it's what the GODs told me so think what you want too.

Happy Halloween:):):):) or is there some other GOD/etc... you are expecting. How did our pagan holiday turn into dressing up in costumes and knocking on neighborhood doors for a "Trick or Treat" to receive candy but then how did Christmas turn into a fat guy in a red suit coming from the North pole in a sled flown by reigndeer's ends up squeezing down your chimney to bring you gifts or coal but secretly you must lie to your children and buy them gifts so they don't go to school being the only kid with no gifts, just imagine being the poor kid who has to lie about getting gifts. Rudolph does have similarities to Baphomet or Moloch/Molech and the Christian Devil is red kinda like the fat guy in the suit(That's a joke:) called Santa, move then N and you get Satan, maybe Revelations was correct that Santans seven heads were the reigndeer, oh laugh Hell is a good place depending what religion you study and Satanism was written by a some guy in the 1960's so it means little unless your into fairy tales.

The fact is there is so much artwork depicting UFOs/lights/visitors/etc... in every culture amazes me that this information is kept from the Christians or others that wish a personal relationship with GOD because you can have one.

Our GODs communicate using lights. If you summon them they will answer questions just like those paintings by shining lights down or flashing to you if they feel like answering your question. If they do not answer it wasn't that important. These same craft beam messages through the light guiding one to assist the GODs, it's a very strange but fascinating phenomena.

What helps when communicating is a very common question. Do you see why everyone is always looking up in religious paintings. It has something to do with looking up at the sky and talking to the sky.

The crafts that appear usually come in a pack. I have seen up to five at the same time, three craft is common but two will always show up. They are both distinctly different in color. If you see the 8-16-06 China UFO that is in one of the paintings above it has seven lights that appear before flying off at light speed, this craft is a bright neon white, different then the red/orange/yellow craft that turns a more red yellow white but both have the same beam lights which is neon white coincidently like certain plane lights which most likely where changed at one point so UFOs could be declared airplanes, it's part of "Operation Keep America Stupid".

Project your love skyward be positive, happy or ecstatic and someone special might hear you, if you are angry they will wait until you calm down.

The love must come from your "HEART" then your mind. The heart has 6 to 7 times more electrical activity then the brain, it reacts before your brain and stores information just like the brain, watch the documentary "Mindshock Transplanting Memories" in the link. This electrical activity is the energy that activates other areas of the brain that most do not use which is linked to the sixth sense and higher brain activity. One naturally growing plant used as a sacrament in many cultures used as ingredients for SOMA, The Holy Annointing Oil, etc.. is also known as cannabis(canna) resin which stimulates higher brain electrical activity when used in small quantities and can have the opposite effect when used in large quantities not to forget almost everything we use can be made from the GODs most diverse plant on Earth which also happens to use large amounts of CO2 then gives in return large amounts of O2 and H2O in the form of water vapor which will convert to O3 in the upper atmosphere. Extended or intense exercise will also stimulate more neurotransmitters and growth hormones which could explain pilgrimages and is one part of the human "fountain of youth" the other is exercising your brain. Tantric style, in some cases sacrificial ceramonies were also performed since sexual intercoarse also stimulates the brain in a similar way but the sacrifices were most likely done due too ignorance in thinking a sacrifice was necessary for invoking a spirit or could the spirit have come for the dead which another person whom is a firefighter researching his own personal events of the UFO phenamona has noticed UFOs around people that have passed away, maybe he'll have something good to add if he ever reads his messages. I did speak with a Vietnam veteran and he said before firefights glowing disc would appear similar to the famous "Foo Fighters" of WW2, there may be life after death. Lets not forget meditation which also stimulates neurotransmitter production and clears the slate or erases your brains temporary memory just like exercise and sleep, it's all relative, you are what you eat so dine healthy if you want to be and think healthy. I personal do not stay in a meditative state or a period of extreme calm for a long time, by becoming excited in a active happy manner the brain releases more neurotransmitters thus using more brain activity.

Have fun and be positive there is nothing to fear for GOD is near.