Friday, September 01, 2006

Historical Christian UFO religious paintings or artifacts.

This post includes Christian or related religious information since there are hundreds of paintings in every culture this one post just could not cover it all. UFOs are in just about every religion but Christianity is the topic here.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the common theme in this information but being a genius helps.

All the paintings are a few hundred to more then a thousand years old.

Everything can be found at the links and there are 20 or more paintings to add to this post but do we get the point.

This was a bad week for Jesus when he was crucified, did humans forget what information came from the GODS that Jesus was in contact with which coincidently are the same GODS in the other cultures that was recorded. I feel somewhere along the way there were one to many writer's to Bible history which explains the decrepencies of information.

I was very interested to find out that the Serpent was a "good guy" in the Bible but that information is not preached. It sounds like certain writer's knew the truth but others either didn't like, re-wrote to hide or had some other agenda like current religions then to tell the entire story instead of bit's n' pieces as with many interpretations by people that have not met the GODS.

The UFOs are the GODS please get over it, if the negative thought bothers you that has been implanted in the majority of the public's head from radio, books, t.v., movies, internet, etc... then study some more history before quoting 2,000 year old verses that most don't understand and put the real GODS into your context.



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who r u and why do u think u can tell what the christian thing to do is? the blogs not about my personal life in this peom its about one of my friends and wut happened to them and u kno we're not all perfect.

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